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How Mrs. Saroj Rao Overcame Cancer Battle


HER life is a lesson for those who catch dreaded diseases. For more than 20
years, Mrs Saroj Rao, an anchor person, a socialite, a TV actor, has fought
cancer with grit and determination. And has been successful in her life.
Whenever one encounters her, one feels like she is so healthy, bright and
beautiful. But only she knows, how she has been fighting the dreaded disease with a stunningly beautiful smile.

A resident of Pradhikaran in Pune (Maharashtra), Mrs Saroj Rao is a polite,
soft-spoken and down-to-earth woman. She is the pride of Pimpri-Chinchwad.

May be these are the qualities which has helped her overcome the cancer
challenge. Those who fear cancer and those are suffering from cancer, shouldtalk to Mrs Rao to get an idea how to take cancer head-on and flatten it. Herhusband, Mr Ganesh Rao, and her two sons, have lent her a solid support in her fight against the dreaded disease. Those who want to know how to fight cancer, should ask Mrs Saroj Rao on 9823896005.

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