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The Post-Mortem Report




THIS post-mortem column will provide an insight
to the readers into what, how, why and where
the newspapers carry their so-called reports,
stories, columns, articles, headlines, howlers,
errors, mistakes and what not.

Newspapers in Pune have been becoming boring
over the years. They carry the same news
everyday on same topic and most of the time at
same spot. We will take them head on, which we
are surely will force them to wrack their grey
cells and make the papers more interesting to read.

Let’s scan the newspapers, both English and
Marathi of the past few days. On Thursday, the big news of the day was the the decision of the irrigation department to shut down water pumps which will cut down the supply to Pune city. Marathi newspapers rightly played up the story on their front pages. In
fact, all the newspapers have it on front page
prominently except for Hindustan Times, the
national newspaper. The most important news of
the day has gone right at the bottom of page 3.
It seems the HT guys were in a hurry to make
the pages to meet the deadline. Tomorrow, HT
might play it big to make up today’s

Sakal, the Marathi daily which has the largest
circulation, has carried the headline in a
colourful way as they do on the Holi Day.
Probably, Sakal guys thought there will be no
water for Holi two months later. So why not
carry it today !

As for the special stories by reporters, it
seemed journalists in Pune are increasingly
becoming tired. They seem to be spending their
time writing routine stuff, most of the time.

Amidst all this, there were a few interesting
stories. One was in Sakal about the wife of martyr Major Shashidharan Nair who was killed in J & K blast. The story highlighted how Maor Nair married Trupti despite the fact that she was afflicted by multiple sclerosis. It was a touching story writing in an equally effective manner. Sadly, the reporter did not get a byline. This story has been subsequently lifted by most newspapers and TV channels. Sakal editors should learn to respect excellent stories filed by their own reporters, stories which world sits up and takes notice. The original story and the writer did not get justice. Times of India has a story on page 3 about PMPML staffers humiliating an activist for raising alarm on defects in bus. A story which Pudhari carried as lead in Wednesday’s edition. Though it was a special story, Pudhari editors apparently did not think it fit to give the reporter a byline. Or might be the reporter did not think right to take a byline. However, the Times of India has a carried a byline. The Marvel case which the Times of India has been following closely has been appropriately highlighted. It was senior journalist Mr Asseem Shaikh who had first reported it in detail again did a good job on the story.

Punyanagari has rightly carried the manja story as a banner. The report highlights how Chinese manja has been threatening the life of citizens.

Lokmat has an interesting story by Mr Deepak Jadhav about verification of TET certificates of all teachers. Both water and teachers stories have been played up on front pages, which is a perfect move. In Pudhari the report by Mr Mangesh Pandey regarding the third and fourth rail line for Pune-Lonavala seems to be a breaking story. It speaks about the DPR being prepared for laying the new lines. Storywise Pudhari looks packed with news and more news.

Mr Vijay Chavan’s story in Pune Mirror “PMC staff caught warning vendors to evade their squad” also makes interesting ready. Mr Chavan has been filing readable stories, one after another. Mirror has dumped the crucial water story on page 4 as if it was not an important issue. Earlier, his story about PMC vigil to keep flyovers spit free also made interesting read.Pune Newsline has carried water story as the second lead and instead played up water taxes issue as the lead story. Everyone knows taxes will get watered down as this is an election year.

Mr Parag Karandikar’s comment,”Ya Ghashiram Kotwalanna awra,” in Maharashtra Times hits out at the officialdom and politicians over their consistent water games in last six months. It carries an rivetting carricature by Mr Atul Belokar. It has lifted the front page of the paper.

Punnayanagari has unnecessarily highlighted the voting conducted by Patit Pavan Sanghatna over mandatory helmets. It shows as if Puneites are against helmets. The papers editors should go to hospitals and homes of citizens who had suffered head injury in two-wheeler accidents. Only then they will realise how important it is to highlight the use of helmets.

Saamna has played up the PF scam story on front page to highlight the failure of the Narendra Modi led BJP government. And then there are two other stories on the front page. One says how France had bought Rafale jets at half the price that India purchased. It has mentioned Rahul Gandhi twice in the headlines on the front page. Both times holding up Rahul Gandhi, which is what the paper has been doing, hit out at Prime Minister and magnifying Rahul Gandhi’s words and image.

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