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Saroj Rao who fought cancer with courage and grit makes a final exit


Pune, 7th Feb- Actor, socialite, activist and a human being beyond compare, Mrs Saroj Ganesh Rao passed away late on Wednesday evening. She is survived by her husband, Ganesh Rao and two sons. She was 54. The funeral will be held at Amardham crematorium in Nigdi around 9 am.

A resident of Pradhikaran, Mrs Saroj Rao fought cancer with grit, confidence and with indomitable spirit for over 20 years. Though she suffered from cancer, nobody could make out because of the way she turned at functions and events which she anchored with aplomb. She always had smile on her face and looked stunningly beautiful. 
“She was a multi talented and very down to earth human being, ” said journalist Mrs Nisha Pise while paying her tributes. 
Shiv Sena leader Mrs Sulbha Ubale said Saroj was a good natured, friendly and ever smiling human being. “She had a smile which was ever lasting, ” Mrs Ubale said. 
Senior Journalist Manoj More, a close friend,  said,  “She was my guide, my friend, my elder sister, my teacher and a human being par excellence. Never met human being who fought cancer  with a smile.” 
He added, “I spoketo her just last week when she told me that her fight will go on… She said she will not give up. “

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