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Valuable tips for SSC students from our expert Mrs Megha Karnawat


Dear students   many time we find subject geometry  many students find it very difficult as it is concept based 

1) Many students can’t apply concepts so mainly focus on chapter construction, trignometry, mensuration,co-coordinate geometry  which are very straight forward chapters only based on certain formulas , practise hard 

2) Q 1,  2, 3 are based on simple previous knowledge of std 9 th sums based on basic prop like sum of all Angeles of triangle ,parallel lines;properties of  quadrrilaterls ,mensuration may come  

3) Solve all question papers of e-balbharti and solutions in market

4) Theroms like BPT ,30-60-90,angle bisector prop  cyclic quadrilaters may come try to solve it

5) Try to learn all formulas of mensuration

6) Try to solve all solved sums of all chapters

7) For trignometry  focus on6,2

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