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By Amika Limbu

India One News

SPECULATION is rife across India as to whether former cricketer and wit master Navjyot Singh Sidhu has any plans to head for Pakistan. The speculations have emanated because Sidhu has been displaying his immense, deepest, widest and unfathomable love for Pakistan, especially since its Prime Minister Imran Khan, who has become a hate figure in India, invited him for his swearing in ceremony. 
Indians across the nation have taken to social media like never before debunking Sidhu and his various theories, shayaris and are jeering and sneering at him. Citizens are venting their spleen on Sidhu for his comments after 40 jawans were martyred in the Pulwamna attack in the Kashmir Valley. After the brutal attack on our soldiers, Sidhu commented,”Why should every Pakistani be held 
responsible for the act of an individual ?’
True, nobody is holding people of Pakistan responsible. But what about Prime Minister of Pakistan ? What about Pakistan Army ? What about its ISI ? Indians are not fool to blame people of Pakistan. Indians are against Pakistan Army and its government which has declared a 1000 years war with India. Indians are against its Prime Minister, its Army and ISI who are provoking youth from Kashmir to take to arms and wage a war against India. Indians are against Pakistan who is aiding, abetting and encouraging terrorism in Kashmir. In last 20-25 years since the Kashmir problem arose, hundreds of innocent India soliders have been myrtred at the behest of Pakistan. How can anyone even in his wildest dream talk in favour of Pakistan ? Sidhu has indeed made himself a laughing stock in the eyes of the world and a hate figure among Indian citizens.
The question that arises is: Are Sidhu’s comments wrong ? Ofcourse, his comments are liking rubbing salt into the wounds of the families of marytrs and Indians fighting the enemy on daily basis. Sidhu might think he is not wrong. He might not be wrong. But he does not know when to say, what to say, where to say ???? He is a cricketer to boot, but he does not seem to have the sense of timing. As a cricketer, he should be telling the world about the importance of timing. When whole of India was mourning the loss of their 40 children, Sidhu comes with his despicable gem. Will he go to a crematorium and crack his one liner and shout from rooftop, thoko taali ? We are sure, he won’t. Sidhu could have spoken this line while participating in a debate and not when the tragedy of the scale that happened at Pulwama.
At the same time, the question arises is, Why is Sidhu not saying a single word against Pakistan Prime Minister, its Army and its ISI who are causing mayhem in Kashmir ? This is the reason Indians are speculating what is Sidhu up to ? Why is he in so much love with Pakistan Army, Prime Minister and ISI ? His silence on the trio is shocking.Does he have any plans for Pakistan ? Indians want to know.
A man like Sidhu, who has got such great gift of the gab, should hold his tongue, should think a thousand time before opening his mouth. He should not believe every minute he is on Kapil Sharma show. Even otherwise, he has been booted out from the show and they have not cared for his thoko taali theory which was much appreciated by the viewers.
What a fall from grace for a man who was endeared by the masses. Sidhu has lost it all. It will be difficult  for Indians who admired him to the hilt to do so in future no matter how much sher shayari he does or how many one liners he cracks.

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