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Jagtap and Parth meeting sets tongue wagging


Pune, 25 March: WILL BJP MLA Laxman Jagtap extend his help to NCP candidate Parth Pawar, who is the son of NCP leader Ajit Pawar, in Maval constituency ? That’s the key question in the minds of voters in Maval. 
This is because Jagtap and Shiv Sena candidate Shrirang Barne have long rivalry. Jagtap Camp is openly opposing the candidature of Barne. They are staying away from the campaigning of Barne. Neither has Barne phoned them up and called up for campaigning.
On top of this, Parth took the initiative of shaking hands with Jagtap in Gurav Pimple area where Jagtap lives. The picture of the handshake has gone viral. It has created doubts in the minds of voters. They believe that BJP and Shiv Sena are not one. It is likely that Parth, who is a new face, may get help from Jagtap came. In fact, when Parth and Jagtap met, Parth said,”Madat kara…meaning help me in this election.” It remains to be seen what Jagtap Camp does.

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