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IN a surprising and a happy revelation, Prime Minister Narendra Modi giving nation a breaking news at lunchtime hour, on Wednesday announced that India had joined the elite club of space powers by shooting down a low-orbit satellite within just three minutes with an anti-satellite missile, demonstrating its technical capability. The only three other members of the space super league are US, Russia and China.
“There can be no greater pride for the country,” the Prime Minister said in an address to the nation which was telecast on several news channel. 
“This is a big moment for India. Something that all of us should be proud of. We are not just capable to defend on land, water and air, but now also in space. I congratulate all scientists who have made this possible and made India a much stronger nation,” he added.
He had tweeted that he would address the nation with an “important message.”
Before he came live, there were various speculations as to whether it is related to elections or arrest of terrorists in Pakistan or could be some news against Pakistan. Long time poll watchers said this was something unique which happened during the poll time in India’s election history. Some opposition leaders said it was a desperate bid to attract voters attention.

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