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By Amika Limbu

IN SUNDAY’S IPL final, Chennai Superkings lost to Mumbai Indians. Whole country knows it. Actually, Chennai was defeated by its captain M S Dhoni. He should own up the responsibility for the defeat and take a sanyas, momentarily.

The reasons are not far to seek. Dhoni played like Dhoni, cool, calm, collected. He should have played like Virat Kohli, agitated, shouting, screaming, howling, jumping, teasing, taunting.

The match required aggressiveness from the captain. This would have pumped up everyone in the team. Since D was not all fired up, his players, ambled leisurely on the ground, tried to inappropriately touch the ball as if trying to molest a female and were aptly slapped across the helmet meaning asked to go dig their heels in the dug out.
Dhoni lead from the front in committing harakari like his less illustrious colleagues.

It is common sense in cricket that you don’t run on a misfield, he did when there was no need for that shit single run. What was Dhoni trying to prove to the world…that he can still run like a school boy. Common D, you lost your balance at the moment. You behaved like a KG student.  You should not have run for single, you could have gone for your helicopter shot since the strike was all yours, maaan.

Faf  thought it was one over match not 20 over. So he tried to finish  it off in one six ball over. When he had scored enough run in one over, madness caught up with him as he was tempted by junior Pandya. Here, Dhoni should have signalled from the dug out to cool it down, man. There was need for Faf to stay at the wicket like he did in the last match. But where was Dhoni. He had apparently spread his leg on the sofa inside the glass enclosure sipping some kind of juicy stuff.

In the last over of the match, Dhoni should have stayed glued to the boundary in the dug out. But he was missing. Raina was seen agonising while Mrs Ambani was fervently praying to the Almighty. Her prayers were finally answered as Watson in another moment of madness went for a second run when the run did not exist. Here, Dhoni standing at the edge of the boundary should have been waving and signalling to the batsman to cool it down, it was not difficult to score those few runs in the last over. If Watson had stayed till the last ball, the last one would have gone outside the ground.

On the last ball, there was nobody to guide the last batsman against the mighty Malinga. There should have been a signal from the dug out to the bastman not to swing his bat. He should have just tried to put bat to the bowl and run a single and go to the super over. Here again Dhoni’s role was important to calm down the nerves. But our Dhoni baba tried to keep it calm…Too much calmness lead to too much heat, man.

In the end when Sanjay Manjrekar said c u in the next IPL, Dhoni said hope so. This clearly means Dhoni will hang up his boots and bat after the World Cup and emerge as the cricket expert who lost his expertise at the fag end of his career.
Dhoni’s behaviour shows nobody is know-all and superbly intelligent in this world. We are all plus and minuses.

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