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By Amika

Image Courtesy- Instagram/Poojabediofficial

IT’S TIME all men should stand up and salute Pooja Bedi for becoming the true Indian woman and showing she is a great daughter of this great country. 

The actor has done what no other educated woman has been able to do in this country or even worldwide. She has stood up against an alleged “fake rape” case filed against actor Karan Oberoi. 
Fake rape cases against men are becoming the order of the day in India. Thousands of men are rotting in jail. Why ? Because they went to bed with the consent of the women. These are at based consensual sex acts and therefore not rape or forced sex.

Young women, even middle aged ones, are falling in love, indulging in sexual pleasure at their will and next day getting up and screaming rape, rape, rape. Despite the fact that they voluntarily indulged in the act, they have been making false complaints against their partners, primarily if the man says no to marriage. These women who make fake complaints of rape have triviliased the cruel rapes committed on innocent women by heinous men. These days, it has become difficult to believe that a rape has indeed taken place if such women who indulge in voluntary relationship come out, screaming.

Pooja Bedi has started a #MeToo Movement which was very much required to expose the real face of today’s young women.  Pooja Bedi and her friends also held a  press conference in support of Karan Oberoi who has been arrested on charges of rape and extortion. Pooja and Karan’s lawyer have argued that the woman who has made the allegations  was in relationship with Karan for months. They have produced the evidence in the form of her messages.

Pooja’s and friends like Sherrin Varghese, Danny Fernandes, Anveshi Jain, Chaitanya Bhosle, Barkey Patani, Sudhashu Pandey have all come out in full force to support Karan, whose family led by his sister Gurbani Oberoi are also fully backing him. The court order should be highly appreciated in this case. Karanhas been sent to judicial custody which means he will now get bail. In rape cases, men do not get bail for months ruining his life and reputation.

Not only in acting field, in other fields also women are behaving weird. Journalists women are said to be the most dangerous. They make complaints at the drop of a hat. To get their stories published on page one, they try to get close to their bosses and then when their relationship sour or they no more get page one, they make all sort of weird allegations against the boss, said a male journalist from a top newspaper. No boss can dare ask a woman journalist why she missed a story or why she filed a wrong story. They immediately start crying and quickly rush to file a complaint. Pooja Bedi should get into this field also.

In support of her activism, Pooja says,”Why is only a woman’s reputation sacred and a not a man’s ? Does he not have a career ? Social respect ? Pooja’s interview has been carried by The Times of India on Thursday’s edition.

But not all women are as bad as the fake ones. Women who work in brick-kiln, women who work on roads, clean drainages have no voices. They are harassed and raped by their colleagues or contractors, day in and day out. They don’t even know how to approach the police to file a complaint. Many times when they go to file complaints, the police shoo them away or they also try to rape them. Pooja Bedi should stand up such for poor and helpless women. There are thousands of such uneducated women who are being subjected humiliation by some ridiculous men who should be shot on the spot. Such women are the real victims and the not educated women, many of  whom are in the habit of howling and screaming for their own brainless act.

Like Pooja Bedi, only one other woman, Justice Mrudula Bhatkar of the Bombay High Court, has given a solid verdict against such fake rape cases. In one of her judgements, Justice Bhatkar said such cases cannot be called rape cases in cities like Pune and Mumbai where young men and women often mingle together.

Parliamentarian like Hema Malini, who never speak against wrong things in the society, and Rekha, who too is a gungi gudiya, should learn from Pooja Bedi how to take a stand in the society against what is wrong. Also, politicians like Vrinda Karat, who speaks on anything and everything, should also learn from Pooja Bedi. Karat has never spoken even once against fake rape cases filed by some women against men. People like Arnab Goswami who shout from roof top in support of women should also take up such fake issues on his channel.

Carry on Pooja, you are a woman to respect, woman to cherish and a woman to follow. All men are proud of you….

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