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Sidhu stumped by his own voice

Image Courtesy- Navjot Singh Sidhu/Instagram

Chandigarh, 13 May 2019- Congress’ bolbachchan star Navjot Singh Sidhu is down but not out. After his verbal assault on BJP and PM Modi, Sidhu has fallen silent meaning he is not in position to speak. But is still ready to address rallies.

Navjot Singh Sidhu campaigned across the country and has addressed 80 rallies in 28 days. Continuous speech has severely impacted his vocal cords to the extent that they bled at times, a statement released by his office said.

“Mr Sidhu consulted physicians on early Sunday morning in Chandigarh, who advised two alternatives. Either the balm coating over his damaged throat, which would require him not to speak for four days, or a severe measure of anti-inflammatory injections and steroid medication along with complete rest for 48 hours,” the statement added..

“Mr. Sidhu insisted with the doctors to continue campaigning in the remaining days as the Lok Sabha elections reach their final phase. He choose the anti-inflammatory injections and steroid medication to rest for just two days because balm coating would have hampered his ability to speak for the next four days. At the moment Mr. Sidhu is under medication and in process of a quick recovery to return-back to campaigning at the earliest,” the statement said.

“Mr. Sidhu would resume his fact-based attack on failures of the Modi Government and campaigning for the Congress party from tomorrow (May 14) throughout the country. In the remaining four days of the election campaign. Mr. Sidhu would be addressing public meetings in Patna Sahib, Bihar on May 14. In Ponta Sahib, Bilaspur and Nalagarh, Himachal Pradesh on May 15. On May 16 and 17, Mr. Sidhu would be campaigning in Madhya Pradesh. Completing his 32 days campaign for the Congress party during the 2019 General Elections.”

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