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STEAM themed exhibition becomes new highlight of Edify International School ,Pune


Edify International School (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics) exhibition came to a successful conclusion this week. The exhibition attracted nearly 500 visitors including students, parent community and STEM companies from across the city. STEAM education encourages natural curiosity amongst the learners and is driven by a cross-disciplinary emphasis; exposing learners to multiple, lateral ways of critical thinking. It allows the students to become farsighted, creative & independent thinkers.

“Programming knowledge is boring. However, novel and fascinating educational toys and smart robots can inspire a child’s thirst for knowledge by providing the space for the youngster to gradually master the needed knowledge by engaging in interactive games”, says Ms. Chand Budhrani, the School Director.“Keeping this in mind, Edify in association with Plezmo created a platform for students to apply their knowledge and understandinginvolving practical concepts such as light, force, motion, pressure, energy, electricity, magnetism, time, hydraulics, food adulteration, bioplastic and many more”, she adds.

The students confidently and enthusiastically displayed their learning of various STEAM concepts through their projects, models, experiments, and presentations. In sync with Edify’s core value ‘Environmentalism’, students reflected sensitivity towards the environment by identifying the global environmental issues such as global warming, pollution, food security, and energy crisis.

The exhibition witnessed a huge crowd of visitors from diverse backgrounds who were mesmerized by the approach of teaching and learning reflected by our 21st-century learners. The PYP and MYP students confidently presented their models and experiments to the guests and brilliantly answered their queries.

This exhibition provided the students a common platform to integrate subjects such as Science, Design & Technology, Math and Arts in a manner that stimulates student’s creative and critical thinking skills so that they can apply their integrated knowledge to conduct a productive inquiry.

Edify believes that success is a combined result of preparations for the task, hard work and most importantly learning from failures and students in collaboration with peers and facilitators, continuously strive to make their school a place where they learn to love and love to learn.

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