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Bengaluru pips Pune and Mumbai in awareness on organic lifestyle


Mumbai, June 10, 2019: Bengaluru has pipped Pune and Mumbai in awareness of tangible benefits on adopting organic lifestyle products, according to the Organic Alternatives study, by Godrej Nature’s Basket[1].

It revealed 95% of the respondents in Bengaluru have already included organic products in their diet. On the same parameter, Pune ranked second (90%) followed by Mumbai (84%) underlining the increasing adoption of organic lifestyle products in the metro cities.

The organic food market in India is currently estimated at Rs 4000 crore as per a joint report by Assocham and EY[2]. It is expected to touch Rs 12000 crore by 2020, growing at a healthy 16% CAGR.

Pointing at the growing acceptance of organic products in the daily diet, the survey highlighted 91% respondents from Bengaluru having an inclination to adopt an organic lifestyle even if it came at a price premium of up to 15% compared to Pune (86%) and Mumbai (85%).

60% of the Bangalore respondents felt more ‘fit’ as a result of adopting an organic lifestyle compared to Pune (56%) and Mumbai (54%). Interestingly, the survey found 7 in 10 Bengaluru respondents consume organic products to manage their weights, while 6 out of ten expect these products to boost their immunity. In contrast, only 52% respondents from Pune and 49% from Mumba use organic products as part of their weight management regime, and only 41% in Pune and 44% in Mumbai use it for boosting their immunity.

Pune, however, performed marginally better than Mumbai and Bengaluru on citing health and wellness as the key reason for adopting an organic lifestyle. 80% of the respondents in Pune believe the top reason for choosing an organic lifestyle is ‘Health and wellness’ compared to Mumbai (78%) and Bengaluru (63%).

Ironically, the survey also revealed Mumbai’s lack of awareness about organic alternatives outside the food and beverage segment. While 90% Mumbai respondents were aware of the availability of organic produce for fruits, vegetables, and staples, only 32% knew of organic hair care products, 26% of organic skin care products, and just 23% of organic homecare products.

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