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Sanjjanaa joins hands with Sadhguru and Isha Foundation


Film Actress Sanjjanaa Galrani has joined hands wit Sadhguru and Isha Foundation for the Cauvery Calling Campaign. Cauvery Calling is the action phase of the world’s biggest ecological movement, Rally For Rivers.

Sanjjanaa said , “As a responsible citizen of this country, it is important for me that the next generation does not suffer due to the actions we take today and hence offer my full support to this cause.”

Cauvery Calling is a campaign that intends to plant 242 crore trees in the Cauvery Basin over the next 12 years, which will help in revitalizing the river and at the same time help the farmers increase their incomes many folds.

This movement has got support from all across the world and is a game-changer for the farmers across the tropical world.

“I pledge to donate 1 Lakh trees from my side and one could donate through All it takes is Rs 42 per sapling. Sincere appeal to everyone to volunteer and donate as many as possible, ” she added.

She has invited all artists and influencers to support this revolutionary movement, the scale of which is so big that it needs all the strong and positive-minded people to come together.

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