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International Peace day Celebration 2019


On the occasion of International Peace Day, “Global Indian International School, Bangalore” collaborated with “Youth Peace Foundation” to celebrate this auspicious day under its ICARE initiative. ICARE is a unique initiative of school, with the purpose to persuade their students to understand the meaning of life, to be balanced, compassionate and loving people in a world where they are constantly being shown that competition, violence and materialism makes you a powerful person.

“It is not the world that needs peace, it is people.

When people in the world are at peace within, the world will be at peace.”

The day started with lot of enthusiasm and excitement shown by kids, teachers, volunteers and other staff. The School Principal Mr Sivananda and Co-ordinator Ms Jeelu Mary Varghese inaugurated the event by walking on peace path and taking peace pledge on “what we could do as a school committee for the betterment of student’s future” at Peace tree. The artificial paper peace tree planted by the YPF volunteers, where student’s, Teacher’s and family members can come and share their thoughts on Peace”.

Also, the plantation drive was conducted by the participants as a symbol of Peace and around 12 new saplings were planted. In addition to that YPF team has organized Peace Pledge and Peace path where participants were listening “Message of Peace” through Videos and putting peace pledge on Peace Tree . Around 100 students, Teacher and other staff participated and celebrated the day.

The outlook was amazing and truly needs to be acknowledged as many activities took place throughout the day, where at one place few participants were clicking selfies with peace tree and watching video, at the same time other participants were completely enamored by peace path and peace pledge. The peace tree was a unique medium for message of Peace as it captivated the attention of huge crowd. People shared their thoughts and enjoyed the message. The personalization of message added on to their happiness where they picked a chit from the lottery box and each chit inspired them to think about life beautifully.

Around 20 volunteers gathered for the execution of event. The sparkles on the face of volunteers were truly perceivable. All volunteers were dressed up in white and blue T-shirt which has the quote “Humanity and Peace”. They were displaying banners, distributing flyers & brochures, passing the message of peace and assisting the listeners.

Youth Peace Foundation campaign is committed towards building a culture of humanity and peace in youth. In the rapidly changing life where technology, study and work is constantly challenging them, young people have little time to consider their own peace and well-being. Hence YPF is invoking thoughts and developing the culture of peace amongst youth through various activities, and workshops. Trying to help individuals achieve peace in their lives and acknowledge that being alive is the biggest gift to us. 

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