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Saturn and Jupiter Going Direct/ Rahu in Ardra (Major shift of Planets 2019) – Wave of Change


Kritikaa Maathur

From 18th Sept Saturn will go Direct in the sign of Sagittarius and it will separate from Ketu by November

Jupiter has been in direct motion since 11 Aug 2019.

Rahu is going in the Nakshatra of Ardra

Impact of this is going to be 3 fold, thus has to be seen from all the angles.

Saturn going direct will convert the answers of a lot of questions to yes form no. Lot of tasks pending from before will start to manifest.

Earlier when Saturn was retrograde, we all felt things going slow, and 3 times more effort was needed to do one task. Thus this brought around frustration, anger, impatience and most importantly we had to do things repeatedly to achieve the target.

Now, when both the blessing “Jupiter” and the Karma “Saturn” get direct the 2 major forces in the sky things which have been pending will start to finish and plans will start to execute.

Saturn: Represents our karma, duties, restrictions, discipline, structure and organization of things.

Ketu: separation and salvation from things and people. It’s a sharp tool which separates or cut things away

Jupiter: Teacher, counselor, preacher, advisor. It’s the Dharma that one must follow.

So, while Saturn and Ketu were conjunct everyone must have felt the join pains, bowl movement issues such as constipation etc. Also, Saturn was retrograde, hence we had to do things repeatedly to get the results. It was to best time to go back and correct things what needed so.

Saturn in retrogression gave us multiple warnings on career/ family/ health etc in order for us to look back, learn and correct. And then move ahead.

Similarly Jupiter being retrograde gave us hindrance in our knowledge of things, thus many decisions taken must have went wrong for a number of people whose Jupiter is prominent or are running the time period of Jupiter, as Jupiter was retrograde as well for a good amount of Time.

Rahu moving into Ardra Nakshatra (Nakshatra of Change by uprooting something and planting it again) shows a big change coming around. Of course with the blessing of Saturn and Jupiter the change will be ultimately positive.

So what exactly will happen now?

Well from Sept to Jan Saturn will be conjunct with Jupiter from Nov to Jan after which it will start to move in its own sign of Capricorn

Effects are very clear :

  1. Things will start to take a positive picture into our lives
  2. In general we will get a transformation of ideas relating to religion , Dharma and society
  3. It’s a great time to travel , learn something new, or start an education activity
  4. Break free from whatever has been stopping you to move ahead

On General ground we will observe:

  1. Aggression and violence over religious views
  2. Major changes and upheavals in the lines of Aviation, Communication, Banking, Stocks industry
  3. Natural calamity related to the air element- cyclones, air attacks over the world
  4. Exposure of Religious Sadhus and Gurus at a positive and negative level
  5. New laws – specially relating to injustice of Labors( Saturn- represents servants) , thinking and rituals (Like sati, dowry), education industry (Mercury ruling Rahu and Jupiter in own sign)
  6. Travel related laws to be changed
  7. Exposure of fake websites/ People since the sign of Dharma and Justice (Sagittarius ) is activated

Kritikaa Maathur is an Astrologer and a Numerologist. For personal consultation please reach out to her on [email protected], Contact No. +91 7042130706, Facebook / Instagram : Astrologer.kritika.

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