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Conjunction Transit of the lifetime is here!!


Saturn and Jupiter and Ketu in Sagittarius from 5 Nov 2019 till 24 Jan 2020

Kritikaa Maathur, Astrologer & Numerologist

Kritikaa Maathur

This conjunction will surely bring about a lot of change in all of our lives. Even though the time period is very small, the planets getting affected are very prominent

Saturn: Represents our karma, duties, restrictions, discipline, structure and organization of things.

Ketu: separation and salvation from things and people. It’s a sharp tool which separates or cut things away

Jupiter: Teacher, counselor, preacher, advisor. It’s the Dharma that one must follow.

Here in this union of a Teacher, a Judge and a “Sadhu” will make us change our opinions, actions and thoughts are going to become rebellious.

There will be a person inside you who would like the stand against the odds and voice his opinion. You will want to get to the root – cause of the problems and then solve it. You will be judged by a lot and you will be judging others as well.

You will have to go out of your comfort zone and take actions which have never been taken before.

Since Jupiter is going to be in Moola Nakshatra with Rahu in Ardra Nakshatra staring at the three, the energy will be of removing something from the roots and re- plant it. The decisions taken will be sudden, harsh and cut- through.  

For example, if you are in toxic relationship, you would crave to break free, or if you have been doing a job that you don’t have any interest in, you would like to switch to the idea of business and completely deny for working under some one. Similarly you may want to leave your home country and move abroad.

The energies cumulatively, are here to sort our lives by taking us to a spiritual path, however the transition wont’ be easy.

On General ground we will observe:

  1. Aggression and violence over religious views
  2. Major changes and upheavals in the lines of Aviation, Communication, Banking, Stocks industry
  3. Natural calamity related to the air element- cyclones, air attacks over the world
  4. Exposure of Religious Sadhus and Gurus at a positive and negative level
  5. New laws – specially relating to injustice of Labors( Saturn- represents servants) , thinking and rituals (Like sati, dowry), education industry (Mercury ruling Rahu and Jupiter in own sign)
  6. Travel related laws to be changed
  7. Exposure of fake websites/ People since the sign of Dharma and Justice (Sagittarius ) is activated

How to keep the “Sadhu”, Teacher and Judge happy? Simple remedies:

  • Take the spiritual approach towards situations of life – serve nature and society (gardening, donations etc.)
  • Share knowledge with others
  • Focus on the righteous Karma and don’t shy away for responsibilities.

The energies are not here to cause any harm but to teach a lesson, never learnt before.

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