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Rinku Rajguru’s transformation into a gorgeous diva will leave you stunned



Janhvi Kapoor met with Marathi actor Rinku Rajguru and shared an image on her Instagram late Sunday. Karan Johar’s ‘Dhadak’ girl Janhvi Kapoor has brought 2016’s Marathi blockbuster ‘Sairat’ back into the discussion. Thanks to this sudden bout of nostalgia, Rinku Rajguru has once again become one of the hottest search topics on social media. Not only are people reading about her upcoming projects but also checking out her new pictures.

Apart from her films, Rinku Rajguru often gains limelight for the photos and videos that she shares on the social networking website. Rinku has undergone a massive makeover after the earth-shattering success of Sairat. Today, she looks nothing like the simpleton we all once knew. She has lost a tremendous amount of weight and has also changed her styling.

While many go gaga over her mesmerizing seductress photos, we have some stunning pictures of Rinku Rajguru that will surely leave you stunned.

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