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Your Horoscope for April 2020


By : Kritikaa Maathur
Astrologer, Numerologist
Vastu Consultant


Hold on !
Ariens, Your energy and confidence are going to be on and off this month. Jupiter , Saturn and Mars conjunction in your 10th house will make you struggle at your workplace. exalted sun on your head beaming will give you an over-bloated ambition. Expenses can shoot up. It is a good month to be initiating relationships which would be a silver lining this month.

Word of Caution!
Taurians’ are going to take utmost care about health and family. Vigilance is needed when driving as minor accidents could be on cards. Pay attention to father’s health and well being as that can take a toll this month. Expenses can shoot up, so monitor them wisely.

Expect the unexpected!
Sudden situations related to relationships, family and work may rise up out of the blue. hence it is advised to not have expectations. Health is the prime concern this month. Time to get a health check-up done. Past memories, things and people can haunt you this month. Advised to take things slow and don’t make hasty decisions.

Anger and Impatience!
Anger within your have to be controlled this month else it will not only hamper your personal but professional life as well. Relationships have to be take good care of. Time for a health check – up. Heated arguments are expected when dealing with the spouse. Suggestion to channelize your energy through yoga, or any other form of physical exercise.

War of Words!
The argumentative you is awake this month. Career seem to be going pretty well. Accolades and growth expected at workplace. However, relationship with team mates may be suffering. Special attention must be paid to health. Refrain from making hasty decisions as they will backfire later.

Family time!
Agitation , irritation and frustration would be the 3 traits to be careful of . Try to keep yourself positive and hopeful. Love relationship problems can increase. Refrain from taking any wrong decisions. As a remedial measure, spend time with children. Learning and playing with children will keep you calm and contented this month. Channelization of energy at the home front is required as a stressful environment at home front is expected.

Be Calm!
Spend time with family they need you now. Pay attention while driving; avoid showcasing road rage. Tiff and difference of opinions are expected on the home front. Be a leader to resolve issues rather than the one creating them. Quality time should be spent with family and spouse increasing affection and bonding. Word of caution is the use and channelize your energy through yoga, or any other form of physical exercise. well into your health so as to avoid future health problems.

Courage and productivity!
Comparatively to other Ascendants, you seem to be doing well. Pressure of work can be there so take it challengingly. Working hard will not in your way to happiness though. Those at job will be meeting their targets. Business folks will experience stability after a long time, only if they give blood and sweat.

On Alert!
Keep your head on the place. Avoid getting aggressive and impatient on small things. Family relations have to be take care of the bonds within family. Health check up is indicated. Focus this month will be on your house, you would want to redecorate and beautify home space, may also receive a gift for home.

Be Calm!
The focus on this month will be on extravaganza expenses on self. Spurring gains through business is expected. In general , the feeling of hopelessness and struggle will be present. Professional success and gains can the silver lining, depending on personal horoscope. Overall April 2020 is not as stressful to you as it is for other ascendants.

Drained and retrained!
Feeling of tiredness and being drained out is a constant this month. You can be feeling wasteful on emotions, money, efforts. Home life and relationships with spouse will be the saving grace. A balance in emotions will be maintained through family life. Must take care of your health as flu is very likely to occur. Keep a cautious check on your finances. As a remedial measure, meditate and give donations on a large scale (old age homes/ orphanages etc)

Sunshine through clouds!
Excellent time for professional success. Relations with family and friends can improve this month. Meetings and reunions with friends can be expected. Do not make any new decisions as they will backfire. Health check up is the need of the hour.

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