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5 students of LISAA design Celine Dion’s Red Carpet dress replica…


Five final year Fashion students of LISAA School of Design in Bengaluru, a premier fashion school, have designed Red Carpet dress worn by Canadian Pop Singer, Celine Dion.

The name of the design students are Parnika, Vidushi, Athira, Smriti and Kritika .

These students were given a certificate of appreciation by the institute and the cost of the fabric was covered by the institute itself.  “Being teamed up with classmates made it both fun and efficient.

We were able to strategically use each one’s refined skill and accomplish the task.” says Parnika. “The brains of some, the patience, sensibility and neatness of the others had enabled the division of work to be very simple.  Everyone knew their part and there was no need to worry about the outcome,” adds Vidushi, Final Year Student. 

Athira further adds, “Moreover, all of us adored the design and hence put wholesome effort to ensure that our version of it would be just as elegant and charming as the original.” 

“Right from figuring the construction and patterns multiple times, to choosing the fabric, to dealing with the length and bulk of the garment, which although seemed simple, had been quite challenging,” recounts Smriti, Final Year Student. 

“This task also enabled us to learn the intricacies of haute couture, which is essential with our upcoming individual couture collections. We managed to do our job, whilst having an overwhelming experience, making it an endeavor we shall all always remember,” says Kritika , Final Year Student .

The teachers of the Pattern Making Department who helped out the students in re-creating the dress said,’Through our years of experience ,each time re-creation project brings in new surprise and challenges to out do the past work.Huge volume requires meterage from 30 to 250 meters , manipulating such scale is not only cumbersome but to validate a new beginning.’ 

Avi Keswani, Founder & Director, LISAA School of Design says, “It was an assignment part of the curriculum known as the Re-creation project to understand the importance of Haute Couture and how to replicate phenomenal couture designs of iconic designers. It took our students about 1.5 months to complete this entire garment as a group project. The materials used were satin and the technique of boning was used for corset. ”

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