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Check your Horoscope for the month of August 2020…


By : Kritikaa Maathur
Astrologer, Numerologist
Vastu Consultant

Alert on Expenses !
Ariens, Be prepared for expenses related to home. Good time to connect with friends and cousins. Short distance travels are expected. You will find yourself experimenting in relationships. New relations can be booming !

Debit and Credit!
Taurian’s have a good month to initiate new learning or education courses. Good time to invest. financially stable month. Don’t overload self with the loans, investments and debt. Heavy expenses are expected, so be careful!

Love is in the air!
Excellent time for venturing into new relationships. You will be spoilt for choices for new career and business ideas. old relationships may knock on the door again. Good time for planning progeny for married couples. Gains, benefits and fulfilment of desires is seen this month.

Emotional turmoil!
Minor health issues are expected this month Cancerians !. Some disturbances at home can be there within the family. Focus on work is needed as that’s your silver lining this month ! Refrain from making decisions on an emotional level as they will backfire later.

Shine in Style!
Although the first 15 days of this month may lead you in hospital and give minor health issues, the 2nd half proves to be much better. Confidence will be very high. Social circle of friends specially ladies, will be proving to be helpful for you. Those in Acting , Art and Fashion industry will benefit this month. First half of the month hints on heavy expenses. Good time to plan for progeny for married couples.

Word of Caution!
Disturbance and arguments are expected on the home front. Stress will be created in family due to personal issues. mother’s heath and relation with her has to be kept under check. Minor accidents are expected this month. Those in Accounting, Media, Business, Teaching profession will boon this month. Investments done before can bring in profit now.

Don’t go too wild!
New culture, interest in different religion, ethnicity may get overwhelming. People and relations in government will be helpful. Conflicts with spouse is expected. New relationships can be initiated.

Power packed!
Great time for appearing in competitive exams. Career promotions based on personal horoscope can be seen. If you are fighting a disease, you will observe major improvement there. Change of boss may happen in your workplace based on personal horoscope . Physical exercise is suggested .

Hopes !
Feeling of positivity will be there throughout the month. After 15th of the month, career will take a new heights. Relationship wise things will go better. All investments should to be planned post 10th August.

Growth !
Relationship problems can be seen this month, be careful! Also, experimentation with new relationships can be there based on personal horoscope. Spurring gains through business is expected. Gains from inheritances may contribute to financial assets. New business opportunities are expected.

Oh the creative you !
New relationships may start this month. Some old relationships and friendships may knock on your door again. Those interested in learning about art or looking for education may go ahead. Confidence will be high. New initiatives can be taken but with a little caution.

Happy Month!
Great time for business. Bonus can be expected at work based on personal horoscope. New hobbies may interest you. Good time for getting into love relationships. Buying of a new home or car is on the cards.

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