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Look what is in store for you in July


By : Kritikaa Maathur
Astrologer, Numerologist
Vastu Consultant

Check on Relations !
Ariens, Relationship with teachers have to be under check. Emotional changes are expected with bosses. Pay attention to father’s health and well being as that can take a toll this month. Fights with sibling are expected. Some old friends can come in contact again which may put you in dilemma. It is a good month for finances which would be a silver lining this month.

Debit and Credit!
Taurian’s have a financially stable month. Many, who were not able to get a job or hike in their business will be able to get some opportunities in this regard. Avoid taking financial decision before 15th July. Take special care on the stress released due to investments. Don’t overload self with the loans, investments and debt.

Right move at the right time!
Special caution has to be put for self image which may be attacked publically. Sudden situations related to relationships and partnership may rise up out of the blue. Work decisions must not be taken abruptly. Great time to keep up the ideas , however, implementation of the same must be done only after 15th of this month. Any new investments can be done the 2nd half of the month. Advised to take things slow and don’t make hasty decisions.

Anger and Impatience!
Don’t become stubborn about own beliefs. Give an ear to advises! rest month for career growth. With slight opposition, new opportunities can be tapped. Refrain from making hasty decisions as they will backfire later. Anger within your have to be controlled this month else it will not only hamper your personal but professional life as well. Time for a health check – up.

Heated arguments are expected when dealing with the spouse. Suggestion to channelize your energy through yoga, or any other form of physical exercise.

Dreams and Growth
Irritation and stress is expected this month. Agitation , irritation and frustration would be the 3 traits to be careful of . You may feel lack of happiness in heart. Through children, you may feel emotionally stress. To plan baby, it is a very good time, if personal horoscope permits. excellent time to implement new ideas after 15th July. You may be able to make new professional contacts. Career seem to be going pretty well.

Family time!
Disturbance and arguments are expected on the home front. Stress will be created in family due to personal issues. mother’s heath and relation with her has to be kept under check. Confidence is going to be there, however, refrain from making any new decisions. Channelization of energy at the home front is required as a stressful environment at home front is expected.

Good Times are back!
Status, rank and career growth is expected after 15th of this month. If any paper work related to government is going on, then the delay is furthermore till 12 July. Be very careful on what you post on social media or say online, it may backfire. Refrain from empotional stress through close friends.

Financial Shock!
All the investments must e kept on hold until 15th of the month. Sudden changes in finances, banking systems can expected. Luck is very supportive in the latter half of the month. Good time to plan, however, implementation has to wait.

On Alert!
Keep your head on the place. Avoid getting aggressive and impatient on small things. Family relations have to be take care of the bonds within family. Heated arguments can occur with spouse, hence attention must be paid. Word of caution is the use and channelize your energy through yoga, or any other form of physical exercise. well into your health so as to avoid future health problems. Luck is not on your side, rely on self efforts.

Good times are coming back, with !
Spurring gains through business is expected. In general , the feeling of hopelessness and struggle will be present. Start taking initiative for work. Don’t left laziness take a toll on you. Professional success and gains in the 2nd half of the month can the silver lining, depending on personal horoscope.

Social life !
Speech has to be controlled , may get aggressive. Those in love relationships, will face tension causing further emotional turmoil. Excellent time to make new professional contacts. Career seem to be going pretty well. Good time to mingle with social circle

Sunshine through clouds!
Excellent time for professional success, and job change. emotional stress may be caused via family. For those wanting to take education ahead, or want to appear for competitive exams will positive results. Start taking initiative for work. Don’t left laziness take a toll on you.

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