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mCaffeine launches India’s first ”COFFEE BEAN” shaped bathing bars revolutionises the personal care space by entering the soap category…


 Mumbai, December 20, 2020 :  In its latest move, mCaffeine, India’s first caffeinated personal care brand, which has led the coffee revolution in the personal care space since 2016, launches India’s very first “COFFEE BEAN” shaped bathing bars. With these unique array of caffeine based soaps, mCaffeine is set to revolutionise the personal care space by entering the beauty soap market in India. The PETA-certified, extensive R&D based mCaffeine Coffee Bathing bars are well formulated and pH balanced.

Tarun Sharma further added that “Over 12 months of extensive research and an investment of around half a million dollars have gone into the careful curation, design, and production of the Coffee Bathing Bars. Despite being a very young brand, mCaffeine has prioritized in-depth and thorough research into each of its products. Its R&D team has put in extensive efforts to deliver a well-formulated, pH-balanced, and uniquely bean-shaped bathing bar in three different variants with patentable properties to their customers. mCaffeine plans to sell more than 2 million units of the Coffee Bathing Bars in three years, with half a million sales expected in the first year itself. It has also applied for patenting the Coffee Bathing Bars which is in process – no such patents have been granted till now in the brand product space. Expanding our Naked & Raw Coffee range, this will be a unique product to dive into the coffee fervour more & bring the best of coffee for skin. It is through such innovation that we have turned mCaffeine into a INR 100 Crores Indian brand in just four years, thus creating the phenomenon that is caffeine skincare in India which is so rarely seen in the Indian markets.”

All Coffee Bathing Bars have a pH of 5.5 which is the same as human skin, which enables them to nourish and cleanse all skin types without drying them. In comparison, regular soaps are pH 8< which, in the process of removing dirt and sweat, also strip the skin off its essential natural oils. 

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