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Explained: Why Shiv Sena is asking PM Modi to grow bigger ?


THE Shiv Sena on Thursday (January 14) asked Prime Minister Narendra Modi to become bigger than what he is today.

In the editorial published in Sena mouthpiece, Saamana on Thursday, the Sena said,”The Prime Minister should respect the agitation of the farmers, the courage and tenacity shown by farmers. The Prime Minister should pacify the aggrieved farmers by repealing the farm laws. Prime Minister Modi will then become bigger than what he is today. Modi, become bigger…”

The editorial is scripted by the paper’s editor Sanjay Raut, who is also party’s chief spokesperson.

The editorial taunted the government in its opening para. “The government will now say, see, the Supreme Court has stayed the farm laws. Yet the farmers are continuing with their agitation. Look at the farmers’ adamant attitude, they don’t even care for the Supreme Court..This is what the government will say.”

The editorial said,”It is not a question of honour or dishonour of the Supreme Court. The farmers are demanding repealing of the farm laws. The government has attempted to fire from the shoulders of the Supreme Court….The government should understand the fears of the farmers. The government is trying to end the farmers agitation through Supreme Court. Once the farmers call of their agitaiton, the government will then lift the stay on the farm laws. That is why the farmers are in a mood for “karo ya maro..” They feel whatever happen should happen now.”

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