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My letter to the ‘free-off-COVID’ future!!


By Author Akash Dhanurkar

In March, 2020, an unknown disease emerged from China to India and other countries, uprooting the daily livelihood of every house in the country. This was the time when the ticking clock sounded louder than the streets; only ambulances made the sound against the dead silence. The invisible enemy had filled every heart with fear. Nothing was certain beyond life and death. A few homes tried art and settled on their passion, while a few houses roamed for evening meal and took the beatings from the cops!! No, cops weren’t bad; they put their lives for the citizens on risk by putting a tent on the streets where every kilometer seemed like a graveyard. Media spoke a language of fear, but the instilled fear resisted us from stepping of homes. A few Journalists lost their lives, leaving the world with a headline that stated “Fight it by not stepping out”. We are still there to feed you happening jn and around the world. A freedom fighter spoke!!

Yes, I have seen it; heard it, and felt it. The memories seem even scary when the streak of flashbacks go past an hour. A few of us began our fight by clanging utensils as a mark of respect to the doctors and COVID warriors, but a year after the begul was blown, the country was left in splits with depleting economy churning life out of poor and needy!! The depression took over the minds of youth, who were afraid of the job loss more than the COVID. Irony that people lost its fear to an enemy who was much more giant than poverty, yet poverty and failure won the race!!

The future seemed bleak while walking on the path of uncertaintblown to begin a war, the uncertainty stood behind a wall of lockdown. A wall that everyone hated and wanted to drill their life through it, but unfortunately they found a strain of COVID standing taller than its initial wave!! An enemy seemed bigger; doctors leaving no stone unturned to finish off the chain..

Guess, who won?

The world saw a new ray of hope in form of a vaccine. The world was getting better; everyone worked for a better society. The layer of COVID uncovered our attitude towards life. The world started to think what it takes to live the life. Those who escaped the COVID centers, lived their life like they never did. Fitness became a top priority while immune seemed an alternative to the medicines!!

A few warriors left the world though by breathing their last with a heartfelt message that is hard to decode: Live in the moments. Leave the competency. Bring happiness in the world because hundred years down the line, this story will fill shivver down one’s spine!!

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