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Horoscope for the month July 2021

Kritikka Mathurr, Astrologer,Numerologist & Vastu Consultant



Domestic issues may be a cause of mental stress to you. Social life will be very active. Guests may come over too. Mother’s health need to be kept under check. Meditation will be helpful. Drive carefully



Due to your arrogance, family may be hurt. Being diplomatic while speaking specially with family will be helpful. Take care of health. Travel is expected this month. After 21st July things will get better. New initiatives may be taken from your side to achieve long term dreams


Gemini – Words: You can’t take them back

Spur of confidence. Go getter Attitude. Beginning of new things this month. Your words may hurt friends and family. Keep a check on the way you communicate (verbal/ written) Travel is on the cards. 2nd half of the month will give you energy and confident to fearlessly go towards your dreams.



Avoid being impulsive. Lot of emotions and anger filled month. You will feel attracted to people and people will feel attracted to you. Health has to be taken care off. Great time to make new decisions as implementation will be strong and easy. Issues related to your kids may be a cause of worry


Great time for work and recognition. If your personal horoscope has a promise, you may get a promotion too. However, peace will be missing. Stuck in past memories. Marital relations may suffer


Good times at work. Recognition shall be provided. May go for job change, if indicated in your horoscope. You will be selfish to get your desires fulfilled to the level, you won’t see who you are hurting


Something at work is bothering you. Sudden changes at work are causing mental turmoil. There may be a heated argument with boss. Progeny is expected


Sudden management change at work may shake you. Positive or negative, but work environment seems to be changing 360 degrees. You may break promises. You will go out of the social norms and rules.



Great bond and communication with spouse. Good time to initiate new relationships and business partnerships Health has to be under check. You may hide taxes and other information. Chances for extra marital affair are possible


Relationships may suffer. If you are into love relationship, you may experience a break up too. Good to start off new relationships though. This month will be draining mentally and emotionally. Work environment will be favorable.


Interest towards Investments is increasing. Drive carefully. Mother’s health has to be kept under check. Arguments and disagreements may occur at work place. For students, it is a fruitful time to appear for competitive exams


Work appreciation is on the cards. New and creative ideas will come up. Impatience and anger may rise. Those into love relationships may face power struggle and may lead to break ups too.

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