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Integrated technological developments, digital screening solutions will be key to successful verifications: Amit Singh


The pandemic has changed the way businesses are being conducted throughout the world.  Remote hiring, screening and digital candidate onboarding have become the norm of the day, says Amit Singh, Head- Commercial, First Advantage India, a leading background verification company, in an exclusive interview with Rutuja Marale of India One News. Here are the excerpts:

Rutuja Marale: Amidst the pandemic, how are background verification companies like First Advantage helping organizations to conduct background screening remotely?

Amit Singh: As we settle to our new telecommuting routines, adjustments are made to help the process of remote hiring, screening and candidate onboarding to run smoothly.

With our digital initiatives driven by modern technology and alternate screening solutions, we have transformed our processes to adapt with the changing environmental and economic conditions.

RM: What is digital onboarding? As technology is changing times, please tell us how Digital onboarding is effective?

AS: Digital Onboarding is a one stop solution for onboarding and background verification for the candidate recruitment process. With the help of intuitive forms, a ready joining kit is generated to align with the organization’s onboarding format. The solution also helps the organization to set up digital signatures to capture a candidate’s signature on the online joining kit. Upon completion of the process, the supporting documents can be downloaded anytime from the portal.

Given the current scenario, Digital Onboarding is a solution for any organization to adhere to social distancing norms. The service assures efficient online onboarding of the candidate, removes the hassle of paperwork and further eliminates the need of the candidate’s physical presence.

RM: What are the discrepancies noticed in background verification since last year and which sectors are showing high discrepancies?

 AS: Sectors like Banking, BPO E-Commerce & Logistics, Financial Services, FMCG, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Pharma Retail and Telecom have displayed high discrepancy percentages way above the industry average in Q4 of 2020.

 RM: What do you foresee in the coming days? Will technology still play an important role in employee verification?

AS: Technology will continue to play a crucial role in employee background verification as it saves time and improves efficiency. The latest technology will enable people to work from home and be productive regardless of location and geography. We are seeing a vital transformation of where and how we work.

Looking ahead, technological advancements and serving innovation through integrated technological developments and digital screening solutions will be the key to successful verifications.


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