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Work From Home: Healthy mind in a healthy body


With CXOs in Bengaluru in WFH mode hopping from one zoom meeting to the other, keeping fit has become more important than ever on their agenda. Unfortunately, due to the lockdown, their avenues for following a fitness regimen are minimal since gyms, swimming pools, jogging tracks, golfing tees and yoga studios are all shut. So how are top CXOs of Bengaluru managing to squeeze in a fitness plan confined within the four walls of their homes?


Rutuja Marale talks to 4 top CXOs to find out their fitness mantra, how they are shielding themselves from the dreaded virus having either gone through  it themselves or seeing a family member go through it and how they have emerged stronger!


Priyadarshi Mishra, 39, CEO & Founder, Design & Construct: Pandemic and having tested positive for COVID have taught me the importance of fitness and immunity.

Now my fitness starts with a proper and balanced diet, followed by some basic yoga at home and proper sleep. My exercise consists of brisk walking in my apartment compound along with some weight training and treadmill at home. Exercise is very important to keep the heart and overall body fit.  I do at least 2 hours of exercise daily. Exercise also helps in getting proper sleep.

Yoga helps me in keeping my body and soul calm. I usually do one hour of yoga daily. Specially during Covid, Pranayama (breath control) helps in keeping lungs in good shape.

Diet is also equally important. During WFH, there is always a chance of overeating, I have started taking lot of juices and fruits in my diet as they are easier to digest. I have added lot of green and leafy vegetables in my diet along with egg and milk. I have cut down on oil and butter in recent times.

Dr Prashanth Reddy, 48, Managing Director, Fundermax India:  Exercise is a necessity. About 60 minutes of exercise combined with meditation can do wonders for your body.

Prior to the lockdown I used to walk daily, do 2 rounds of 18- hole golf in a week and swimming over weekends. However, now with limitations, the only possibilities are walking and Yoga which I try to do both morning and evenings. Personally, am not a fan of heavy weights considering my age.  I prefer Yoga any time, especially the breathing exercises come in very handy during Covid times.

Exercise alone without appropriate diet is not a great balance. I have reduced the quantity and focus more on the quality. I strictly avoid fried foods. One positive of the lockdown is you get to eat home food!

Usha Mohan, 56, Director & Founder, The Green School Bangalore: I tested positive for COVID in October. It gave my immune system a jolt. Prior to testing positive, I had been following a fitness programme, had a personal trainer and did yoga as well.  I have also been doing aerobics for 15 years.


But now I have not done strenuous exercises since November 2020. I do light walks and yoga. I spend 1.5 hours on my yoga and early morning routine and half an hour of walk each in the morning and evening. Now I also do meditation after my COVID to relax my mind and solar plexus.


Diet plays a major role in being fit. I eat many small meals in a day, eat millets and brown rice. As I am a vegetarian, I have to take plant supplements for protein as direct pulses cause gastritis. I keep observing how my gut reacts and make changes in my diet accordingly.



Tarun Lala, 32, Director & Founder, Fanzart: It’s not very hard to do exercise in the lockdown if you set up a schedule for yourself and stick to it. I do brisk walks, heavy weights, Yoga, Pilates and intermittent fasting. Between walk and work out its minimum 60 mins, sometimes 90 mins. Prior to the lockdown I had a fixed routine- Cult 3 times a week and Sports 3 times a week (Basketball X 1, Badminton or Squash X 2)


I think exercising is one of the most important parts of life. Not only does it create Endorphins but the long terms benefits of feeling good, looking good and psychological confidence contributes to your work and overall happiness quotient.


I try and eat healthy and make sure I get fruits, protein and vegetables daily.  I drink 4 litres of direct water + coconut water + green tea/coffee. I have a major sweet tooth and need chocolate or dessert every day!


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