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Empowering students through the life skill modules using kinaesthetic activities


Rajasthani’s Podar Learn School uses modern teaching methodology based education to encourage students of Rural Beed in Maharashtra

Empowering students through the life skill modules using kinaesthetic activities

• Franchise-based model launched by Podar Education Network in 2016
• Aim to enhance CBSE/ICSE education, promote quality education in semi-urban and rural India
• All-round support to franchise owners, benefits to entire community

01st July, 2021… Rajasthani’s Podar Learn School, franchisee of Podar Learn School (PLS) under Podar Education Network (PEN) has brought modern and good quality education to the young students of ParliVaijnath town in rural Beed, Maharashtra. The school franchise model of Podar Education Network is unique and becoming increasingly successful in rural and semi-urban India.

The PLS model, aligned with India’s New Education Policy, aims to enhance the quality of CBSE/ICSE schools across India and bring good quality school education to semi-urban and rural Indian children. Launched in 2016, this model of Podar Education Network is unique and becoming increasingly successful in rural and semi-urban India. Based on it, Rajasthani’s Podar Learn School was established in 2016 making it one of the early schools to adopt the franchise based model education. Currently, there are 850 students studying there.

While speaking about the franchise model, its aims and benefits for students and the franchise owners, Mr Dhiraj Baheti, Trustee, Rajasthani’s Podar Learn School said, “We already had land in ParliVaijnath and wanted to start a school for the children of our town. Instead of opening a small school, we thought of connecting with a big brand like Podar Learn School. The aim was to introduce modern teaching methodology based education to the students of Rural Beed in Maharashtra. Association with Podar Education Network has not only broadened our thinking but also helped our children’s overall personality development. We have been growing in the right direction.”

Mr. Baheti further added that, “At Rajasthani’s Podar Learn School, our teaching methodology has been adapted from Podar Education Network and expands beyond the boundaries of traditional board and chalk teaching to include technology and modern techniques wherever possible. With the help of such technology we make sure our students have a firm grasp on the subject matter and are able to think in three dimensional space. Through the life skill modules, students are empowered and groomed to face the challenges in life successfully by building their social and emotional skills. These are incorporated in their daily curriculum as provided by Podar Learn School by conducting Kinesthetic activities using strategies like cooperative and collaborative learning, peer partner learning and team based learning. Through PLS, we are teaching our students to develop multiple talents, soft skills, and critical thinking at an early age. We are so grateful to the best education franchise model in India, as our students and community at large has immensely benefitted. We brought our land and our passion for education to the table. Podar education network (PEN) helped with the rest.”

Podar Education Network has provided Rajasthani’s Podar Learn School with 360-degree support in setting up the school – with syllabus, training for teachers, lists of resources, school management and operations, mentorship under another Podar International School Podar School, IT support, permissions, transport, uniforms, books, marketing amongst others.PLS is a pan India system. Rajasthani’s PLS gets the same books, lesson plans, syllabus, even exams and timetables as any Podar International School in some big city like Pune, Bangalore, or Mumbai. So, Rajasthani’s PLS is able to bring top-class school education to a small town like ParliVaijnath in Beed District. Emphasis is on technology, English speaking and making the students all-round global citizens.

Rajasthani PLS is bringing lots of benefits to the community of ParliVaijnath. Apart from employment and income opportunities for teachers, school administration staff, bus drivers, providers of school stationery and other ancillary businesses, Rajasthani’s PLS is also bringing industriousness and modernity to the community. Parents are happy with the skills and values their children are gaining. Residents of ParliVaijnath had never had access to science labs and computers, but thanks to Rajsthani’s PLS, they are getting that kind of exposure.

Mr. Baheti concluded that, “Podar Education Network’s PLS franchise-model is a great opportunity for everyone. For students, parents, and community, it is direct access to top-class education. For franchisee owners, it is a financially lucrative opportunity which comes with all-round support from Podar education network (PEN) to set up and run the school. RPLS’s experience with this model has been wonderful. We are happy to see the amazing progress of 850 students and the plan is to add 200 students to the school every year. It is a win-win situation for all, therefore I encourage everyone who fit the criteria to open a Podar Learn School, and brighten their own future, as well as the futures of their upcoming generations.”

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