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Rashtriya Yuva Prathishthana is trying to make a difference in the life of students, youth & lesser privileged: Pramod Srinivas



For civil engineer Pramod Srinivas, who also has a Master’s in Business Administration from John Moore’s University, Liverpool, professional career is all about how much positive difference one can make in society, starting from the root of each issue, altering the prevailing patterns to initiate a change.

Pramod Srinivas has founded the Rashtriya Yuva Prathishthana (RYP) to be able to make a difference in the life of youth from weaker strata of society. Under the aegis of RYP, Pramod has awarded scholarships to deserving students from financially weaker families who want to appear for IAS Exams, refurbished many government schools, conducted free health programs and reached out to the lesser privileged during the pandemic.

In an exclusive interview with India One Pramod Srinivas talks about what motivates him and the RYP to keep going.
Excerpts of the interview:

India One News: What is your objective behind seeking to change the face of government schools ?

Pramod Srinivas: The government of any country is supposed to be of the highest in every facet, education facilities to begin with. In a democratic set up, the nation’s strength is a collective of every individual’s strength, and the population pays taxes to see the development reflect directly in the government. However, the moment one hears ‘government school’ or a ‘government college’, they are apprehensive of the facilities/amenities. It is quite unfortunate that, till date, every government school/college still houses students, in broken walls, poor sanitary conditions and other facilities. We at Rashtriya Yuva Prathishthana would like to do our bit to bring back the glory of an institution that belongs to the government. I await the day when parents of young and adolescent children, are thrilled to send their wards to government institutions.

ION: How many schools have benefitted by your initiative and what kind of infrastructure have you put in place?

PS: We have started off with 4 schools and have converted them into what we call it as a BALA model. BALA stands for Building As Learning Aid, which means that the building itself becomes the embodiment of learning. This is to be taken in an absolutely literal sense, because when we say that the building teaches, we mean that there are learning points all over the building such as rotation angles marked on every door, so that the students get to experience the demonstrated vision of the door rotation with the degree marked on it – this is just one aspect. Additionally, we have also installed playgrounds supplemented with recycled materials such as tyres, in 3 other schools, and have built science labs in 2 other schools as well.

ION: What kind of guidance and coaching does your organization provide to students?

PS: We at Rashtriya Yuva Prathishthana provide a myriad of courses and various kinds of academic support and mentorship to students who are willing to learn, but have lacked the opportunities to do so. Our Integrated Foundation Course IAS – 2022 is designed for freshers who would like to receive coaching for all the levels of UPSC examinations. It is a comprehensive module, that is spread across 11 months. Special sessions are conducted to cover current affairs, discuss the budget in detail and understand the nuances of economics too. To ensure progress, frequent mock tests are conducted to assess every student’s learning curve.

ION: How many students have benefitted from your scholarships and what has been the outcome?

PS: Every year hundreds of students appear for the qualifying test which we conduct, out of which only 10 are selected for the scholarship program. This program offers a full-coverage of the student’s expenses with respect to their education. It gives us even a greater sense of purpose and responsibility upon finding a few of our students clearing the Prelims and appearing for the Mains too. Our country has innumerable bright minds. We just need to collectively help them come to limelight.

ION: What kind of health programs do you implement and for whom?

PS: So far, at Rashtriya Yuva Prathishthana we have conducted blood camps, eye camps and complete health checkups for free, especially for the elderly and we are planning to launch full-fledged and large-sized health initiatives for the BPL sector. This is to ensure that their lives are not ignored in any way and are given the advantage to avail health benefits to live a good life.

ION: During the pandemic, how have reached out to the poor?

PS: We looked at the pandemic in the positive light – as a great opportunity to serve people. On that note, we have reached out to various sectors of the society, in order to help make our reach go the farthest possible. From slum areas, BPL card holders, auto-rickshaw drivers, powrakarmikas (female BBMP workers) to doctors, nurses hospital staff, people who’ve lost jobs in the garment industry, media and photography industry and journalists, & many more – we tried our level best to leave no stone unturned. Through this effort of ours, we disturbed one month’s worth of ration and other food kits. All in all, we have distributed over 5000 of these kits and helped spread positivity to over 7000 families.

ION: How do you intend to make a difference in the life of the poor and today’s youth?

PS: Well, the youth of this nation is full of vigor and brightness. What they need today is direction, and a sense of purpose, and I would like to participate in as many activities as possible to help them in identifying the problems that need intervention and change, along with making them realize that the right place to start change is from within! When it comes to the lesser-privileged, my efforts are to reiterate to them that their lives can turn around, and that abject poverty (the conditions that they are born into), does not have to limit their lives.


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