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Your Horoscope for August 2021 is here…



                   Krithikka Mathurr,             Astrologer,Numerologist & Vastu Consultant


Aries – Passion is the key

Interested in domestic affairs. Very creative. Romance expected in neighborhood. Physically active in sports.Unable to concentrate in studies. Though you will be interested in trading and stocks but avoid so. Very concerned on health and will surely make changes in healthy daily routine.


Taurus – New Beginning

Home and property matters will be active. Home based work may start. Minor home renovations are expected which will be draining finances. May start a new learning course. Disturbance in chest area may be expected. Relations with children may suffer after 11th Aug 2021. Not advised to go for a new relationship.


Gemini – Learning time

Good time to learn new skills. Travel is expected in case you are waiting for relocation that may take place as well. Good initiatives should be taken to hone skills to support career. Family disturbance with kids may be expected


Cancer – Reap Fruits

Be alert about hurting face area. Great month for status position and finances. Food habits must be kept under check. May hurt your close ones through your speech. Mouth ulcers my crop up. You are making efforts at work and you will be rewarded for the same. Great going!

Leo – Pot of Gold

Great time for career. By the end of the month you may achieve status, position or reward for your hard work. Take care of expenses until 20 Aug 2021. May be affected by Fever and body heat. Avoid rash and hasty decisions


Virgo – Be Alert!

Be careful of taking advises from people. Take care of father’s health. Avoid taking any risk on health for self and family. After going through adversities, you will come out shinning. Trouble may arise due to Covid until 20th Aug 2021. Sleep patterns are being affected due to aggressive dreams and irregular timings



Libra – You go Librans!

May run into arguments with network circle. 1st half is great for career if you are into marketing, media, sales, IT fields. After going through hard times, by the end of the month you will come out shining. Growth, gains, finances look good. However, attention must be paid on low health energy levels something relation to property gains is evident


Scorpio – Back with a Bang!

Lot of effort and energy being put at work. Being extremely competitive at work post 16th Aug 2021. May run into an argument with boss. You may feel ambitions are not working out for you but after end of the month they will, so stay put. You may fulfil certain responsibilities at work.


Sagittarius – When your ideology becomes your enemy!

As far as career is concerned by the end of the month, you will have huge blessings. But take care of father’s health also relationship with teacher, adviser and father may suffer due to heated argument. Stay humble. Don’t get hung up on own ideologies. Some responsibility you will need to fulfil. Finances are being taken care of.


Capricorn – Keep calm!

Be cautious about father’s health and your relationship with him after 20th Aug 2021 things look better in that front. Mental disturbance due to lack of advice and support from teacher is evident. Also you will be doing something going against advice of a Guru, teacher. Advised to connect with father and mentors. Investments and fixed deposits done before may be rewarding.


Aquarius – Too much too fast!

Heated arguments with business partners are expected. Being very competitive and aggressive into marketing and business expansion and strategies. Marital relations may suffer due arguments. Take advice from mentor. Creativity may be used in business. New relationships may kick start. Take care about reproductive areas


Pisces – It’s all about winning!

New relationships can be seen. Wanting to learn new skills starting an exercise routine. Arguments with colleagues on the cards. Great time to go for competitive exams. Keep busy and have a routine. Acidity and digestive problems can come up, so have cool drinks. Good for consulting marketing and advertising work after 26th Aug 2021.

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