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Podar World College in association with the University of Wolverhampton, UK and the Wolverhampton Wanderers Football Club hosted a webinar on Global Higher Education Opportunities…


Mumbai, August 03, 2021: Podar World College (PWC), the latest and prestigious venture of Podar Education Trust, in association with the University of Wolverhampton, UK and Wolverhampton Wanderers Football Club conducted a webinar on “Establishing Linkages and Opening Doors for Students: Global Opportunities.” The attendees took away valuable insights regarding Career Pathways after pursuing the BABM degree, Global Opportunities in higher education and Pedagogy of Learning at Podar World College. The University and the Football Club as as a part of the International Project pursued honored the winning groups of students of Podar World College at this exclusive event.

The webinar was addressed by industry stalwarts such as Prof Tim Steele, Pro-Vice Chancellor, University of Wolverhampton, Steve Bull, Legend- Football Player- Wolves FC Russell Jones, General Manager, Wolves FC and Dr. Mrs. Vandana Lulla, Dean, Podar World College. In the webinar, students presented about the project itself with Wolverhampton Wanderers focusing on how it enhanced the learning experience and the impact and benefits participating in the project going forward.

Prof Tim Steele- Pro-Vice-Chancellor, University of Wolverhampton said, “As a part of our 2030 Vision, the University aims to transform leadership and workforce through inclusive student success and world class research including our TNE Partners across the globe like Podar World College.’’

Dr Gurmak Singh, Head TNE Partnerships- International, University of Wolverhampton said, ‘’ Today, in collaboration with the University of Wolverhampton Business School and Wolverhampton Football club, we celebrate the success of students from Podar World college in the international project.

The success of such projects does not happen by accident. Instead, it takes a common vision and commitment from all the stakeholders. Podar World College  and the Business School had a clear vision for the project; to provide students with an opportunity to engage with a successful international business here in the UK and to help students develop skills in working in such organisations. Today is about the celebrating the success of Podar students here today receiving the awards and also all the 80 students who took part in this project.

You have shown ability to put your academic knowledge and skills from the business management course into practice. The course is built around four core pillars focusing on sustainable, responsible, innovative and business operating in the digital world.  Through this project you have shown competence to be able to work in such organisations.  But you have done more than this, you have added ‘value’ to the project by drawing on international cultural dimensions from your own experiences in Mumbai and India. And it is this cultural awareness and business acumen developed through the business management course that has resulted in these excellent projects you have delivered.

Perhaps more than this, your commitment, professionalism, and enthusiasm for the project has been very impressive in how you engaged with this project. In fact, you have exceeded all our expectations but at the same time , knowing the culture at Podar College, we are not surprised. All of you, the award winners and all students who participated in this project, are a credit to Podar and the Business School.

The success of this project does not stop here, we have plans to continue and enhance the project with Podar.Podar belives in academic excellence and we see it in the number of high first class seen among Podar students every year’’

Russell Jones, General Manager, Marketing and commercial growth, Wolverhampton Wanderers Football Club said, “Being able to work with the students at Podar World College is a real treat. Not only are they an incredibly engaged and intelligent group of students, but they offer the club a fascinating insight into a young, technologically savvy audience in India.”

Further he added, “Whilst I’m pleased to see the fan club go from strength to strength, I’m particularly excited to see how the students interpret the latest fashion brief. Wolves are working hard to diversify our brand, with fashion being one of our key brand verticals, alongside music and esports. This is a great opportunity for the students to really push the boundaries. I fully encourage them to think like a fashion designer and not a football club. Be brave, be disruptive and have fun! “On behalf of Wolves, I’d like to thank Mr. Whale, the University of Wolverhampton and Podar World College for this great opportunity. I hope this is just the start of a long-term working relationship.”

Dr. (Mrs).Vandana Lulla Dean, Podar World College said, “Podar Education Network are pioneers in education, offering the most progressive and modern programme in a reputable and globally respected institution. Podar is wholly focused in developing future leaders who make a difference worldwide. We take pride in providing rigorously evaluated programme which is globally recognized and respected.”

The International Project is a joint endeavour of Podar World College with the University of Wolverhampton, UK to provide a real-life live case study with an existing International Organization; i.e. Wolverhampton Wanderers Football Club, A Premier League Football Club and Professional International Organization with sports merchandise commonly called Wolves.

The International Project this year included students to provide business plans and an online fashion show with a brand proposal for a new clothing line of Wolves. The Project began on 27th Jan 2021 with virtual sessions with the University Professor, Prof Joshua Whale providing the assignment brief, and Russel Jones, International Marketing Manager providing branding and marketing masterclass on international sports brands.

The students completed the project with continuous feedback from College faculty and University with an online Brand Proposal show on 29th April 2021 with a panel of international experts on Enterprise, Fashion, and Sports. From a group of 80 students participated in 13 groups, the top 3 teams are declared the winners.

The students through this project gained skills for employability and benefits of enhanced global opportunities in their curriculum enhancing their overall learning, grades, work placements and progression to esteemed Universities and colleges post the completion of their Degree at Podar World College.

Prof. Joshua Whale-Link Tutor and Enterprise Lecturer, University of Wolverhampton said: “The involvement from the football club has been great and the feedback they’ve provided to the students has been really helpful and constructive. The project has really benefited the students who have taken part; giving them the opportunity to work in teams, dealing with a real client and brief and the challenges that presents, time management, marketing skills along with networking.”

Further she added. “25 students were involved in the project’s first year, ranging from first year undergraduate to master’s students. They worked in small groups for the four-month duration to not only create their marketing plan but also network and secure a venue for their fan club’s meetings. Following the project, the students decided to launch an official fan club which currently has 50 members. The club has even been featured in a video by Premier League World. This semester, 80 students are working with Wolves to explore the options of a new fashion line which is suitable and attractive to the Mumbai market.”

“It is seeing them identify potential partners to design the clothing, and this is made even more challenging in light of the pandemic as it is all has to take place online. The students will be sharing their work through an online fashion show later this year.’’ Said Prof. Joshua Whale

The BABM Programme is an exciting and innovative general business program, designed for students who want to embark on an in-depth study of Business and Management to develop analysis and evaluation skills that can be applied to real-world situations. Four pillars underpin this program: Innovation and enterprise, sustainability, responsibility, and digital. Students explore the functional areas of business, such as management, marketing, human resources, finance and operations, through the lens of these four main themes which run throughout the program.

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