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Check your horoscope for the month of September 2021


Kritikka Mathurr,Astrologer,Numerologist & Vastu Consultant



Aries – Keep At It!

Utilize energy into physical activities and creative things. Natives in Creative fields shall be benefited. Anger to be kept under check. Do not give up your efforts due to others. Great time for appearing in competitive exams and higher studies


Taurus – Enjoy the Spree!

Decisions on marriage, competitive exams can be taken. Luck and positive energy is on your lap. Great time to propose partner. Intuition levels are high. Initiation of new education can be done.

Gemini – Learning new Things!

Decide on education, loans, travel, property and documentation before 6 Sept 2021. Don’t be lavish on expenditure. You will be creating your luck through efforts. Significant change in sibling’s life is seen. Loosing Kilos!


Cancer – Settling Down!

Arguments with boss can put you down at work. Complication with children are expected. Major decisions related to marriage shall be taken. Purchase and sale of property can be done. Lots of online shopping on cards! Finding cure of health concerns

Leo- “Always Right” Attitude!

Aggression is on, keep a check on family affairs and relationships. Amazing growth is on cards. Meeting with influential people with benefit. 27 Sept to 18 Oct avoid documentation and financial transactions. New Projects in hand.

Virgo  – Gains from all corners !

Calculative, analytical yet spending a lot. Major change in sibling’s life. Very positive for wealth. Up for new relationships and marriage considerations. After 15th take care of weight gain. Progeny is on cards. Student natives are blessed with memorizing power.

Libra – Positivity and Gains!

Relations and Financials are taken care of. Place change is on card. New investments on Stocks and crypto. Heavy on expenses. 1st Half is better for finances. Those in government job will be benefited. Sarasvati chants are recommended


Scorpio – Booming !

Focus on wealth generation this month. Ties with influential people and MNCs. Energy and zeal is high to complete tasks. Expenses may rise after 5th Sept’ 21. Hanuman Chalisa will help.


Sagittarius – Focus on bright side!

Luck factor in the 1st half of month is high. Complication with family members can be seen. May be a change in place of work. Long awaiting profits are coming your way. Positive month for new relationships. Self-Efforts will give savings.

Capricorn – Sail Through!

Hardworking approach in life. Luck in favor, listen to intuition. Satisfaction of hard work will be seen now. Instinct of gambling to be controlled. May have romantic encounter in place of work. Go ahead with vehicle purchase. Weight gain is evident.


If you are in research and IT work, you will be benefited. Father’s help in business set up is evident. Cut down on expenses. Spirituality is on a rise. Ganesha Chants will be helpful.


After 14 be careful of documentation process. Authoritative people are pulling you down. One drastic change and a wish fulfillment may be on cards. Take care file driving. Expenses shall minimize after 15th Sept’21

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