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Horoscope for the month of October 2021


Aries – Lifestyle changes

Competitive Success on cards. Foreign help for career opportunities can be expected. Relations with In-laws and monthly expenses need to be kept under check.

Taurus – Dreams on plate!

Excellent time for Students especially into Medical industry. Major decisions related to personal life pending to be made. Be an ear to advises

Gemini – Positive!

Some positive change of work and space can be expected. Social gatherings will increase. Minor oppositions and breaks but leading to a beautiful path

Cancer – Lucky You!

Travel, Learning and growth. Help from people is expected. Marriage prospects are open. Hard and bold decisions to be made.

Leo – Powerful you!

Stuck payments may return based on personal horoscope. Great time to make investments before 17th Oct’21. Appreciation and acknowledgement from superiors. Combating long term diseases.

Virgo – Bold and Beautiful!

Very confident, bold and influential. Name fame popularity is coming to you. Good time to take major career moves. Efforts to be made to balance relationship.

Libra – Rise above obstacles

Positive to defeat enemies. Expenses on the rise until 17th Oct’21. Change o place of work and residence can be seen. May run into arguments with network circle. Charity based remedies are advised.

Scorpio – Creativity and Imagination Bliss

Excellent time for student natives. Don’t be lavish on people and expenses. Spiritual growth is seen.

Sagittarius – Major landmarks

Travel and place change can be expected. Career advancements even promotion may be take place is personal horoscope supports. Definite Financial investments are made.

Capricorn – Keep calm!

Father’s health has to be under check. Energy towards going for own online business if personal horoscope suggests. Hiccups in fortune but self-efforts and wisdom will bring positive decisions.


Aquarius – Expect the Unexpected!

Major decisions will be made related to foreign land and investments. Park funds carefully. Sudden events related to career and wealth can be expected. Help from foreign may extend.


Pisces – It’s all about winning!

Health has to be kept under check. You may meet life partner this month if personal horoscope supports. Traders on spree. Good time to work on improvement of relationships.

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