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Bengaluru, Nov.16: The Pyramid Spiritual Society has been founded by Brahmarshi Pitamaha Dr Subhash Patriji with the objective of spreading the basics of spiritual realities and spiritual science to one and all. The Core Message of this society to everyone is that “We are not just physical entities experiencing random existence. Instead, we are `Eternal Energy-Consciousness Entities’ constantly choosing and creating our own respective on-going existential realities.”
The goal of pyramid spiritual society is to realize God-hood in us through four simple techniques Using Breath for Practicing Meditation – Ana Pana Sati meditation technique. Anapanasati Meditation is the name of the meditation practice adopted originally by Gautam Buddha and it is nothing but mere observation of one’s own breath ie., inhaling and exhaling.
This Pyramid Spiritual Societies Movement (PSSM) has always given paramount importance to Classical music and Classical musicians.

“Akhanda Dhyanam” (indivisible/continuous meditation) sessions are the confluence of melodious classical music and dhyanam. Here the music being played, led by Brahmarshi Pitamaha Dr. Subhash Patriji is of a great conglomeration of aesthetic, therapeutic, and entertaining attributes of music. Music Meditation is the most widely awaited feast as a spiritual invigoration, grand celebration, and entertainment at its optimum.

Classical Music is designed to have a positive and reaffirming effect on emotions and mental clarity. The pitch, dynamics, inflections, microtones, and rhythm of classical music mesmerizes the listeners and momentarily make them forget themselves.

Many a time that might be all that we need to come out of depression or distress. Stress or depression is caused by the negative energies that get locked in our nerve centers (referred to as chakras in ancient Indian literature). Classical Music clears out the blockages and helps in improving the concentration of positive energies.

As a disciple of Late. Padma Bhushan Dr. Sripada Pinakapani and with years of rigorous practice, Patriji could comprehend every aspect and attribute of music. Patriji has designed a unique style to cater both therapeutic and entertaining aspects of music to meditators and it can be witnessed in each and every meditation session.

Combining classical music with Anapanasati meditation can deepen the positive effects of both, and bring us greater stress relief. Music has been part of meditation practice since the beginning of the pyramid movement. BRAHMARSHI Patriji stresses the importance of music in meditation practice.

Music has many wonderful benefits for stress management and overall health. It helps us to alleviate stress from our mind and body without making any conscious effort. Music can also uplift our mood, slow down breathing, and thus helps in meditation.

On the auspicious day of Buddha Purnima, a unique platform- Pyramid Music academy has been formed by Brahmarshi pitamaha Subhash Patriji with a vision to introduce classical musicians across the nation into meditation and mediators into music.

Pyramid Music Academy has taken a great leap by initiating an annual music festival which will be conducted at Pyramid Valley international, Bengaluru. This year it is scheduled to be held on November 5, 6,7 and 8. The 4 days musical fest will start daily with Music Meditation followed by concerts of Renowned Musicians Kalaimamani Parur MA Krishna swamy, Prof TS Satyavathi,Karnataka kalasri Anoor Ananthakrishna Sharma,Vidwan Vinay Sharva, Kanchana Sisters Vidushi Shri Ranjani and Vidushi Shruthi Ranjani, Pandith Siddarth Belmannu, Pandith Vipul Riki and Pandith Qusai just to name a few. Senior Journalist Dr Ishwar Daithota, Senior Art Critic Dr.Suryaprakash and Eminent , Veteran musicians Sangeetha Vidwan DV Nagaraj, Sangeetha Vidwan A P Rao, Sangeetha Vidwan SK Padmanabha Acharya, Mridanga Vidwan R Satyakumar will be felicitated during this event. Each day of the fest will be ended with a grand concert by legendary artists and their felicitation.

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