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Read your November 2021 Horoscope


Aries – Opportunities

Month of opportunities. Hard work shall pay off. Great time to convert love relation into marriage. Marriage alliances to be formed by 16 Nov 2021. Keep temper under check.

Taurus – Too Much on Plate!
Month focuses in relationships, legal hassles and opportunities. Pending tasks shall be completed. Sudden gains from inheritance or stuck money get sorted. Health has to be under check

Gemini – Blessings!

Visit divine places and worship, welcome blessings. Luck is on your side. Keep regular check on health. Good time to appear for competitive exams. Fructification of love relationships

Cancer – Social yet alone time!

Attention shall be provided to family matters. Guests may brighten your home. Be careful on Diabetic/ Harmonal issues. Eating habits to be checked in 1st half of month. Great time for artistic people. Time to be in solitude to organize thoughts

Leo – Settling down!

Spending time with family, friend and cousins may keep you busy. Great time for artistic people. Those in Media, IT and Communication fields may flourish. Some relief in legal and health issue. Matrimonial alliances may come up.

Virgo – Take care!

Be careful with pocket. Don’t hurt others by your words. Watch out if you have endocrine/ hormonal issues. Short term travels expected.

Libra – New Environment/ Friends

You will feel some stability in emotions and in terms of career. Those who are into Consulting, Teaching professionals may look out for job changes. Great time to study in Finance/ Stock Market/ Management courses. Good time to plan progeny

Scorpio – Busy Bee!

Confidence and self-esteem to rise especially in 2nd half of month. Keep expenses under check until 21 Nov 2021. Attention on home and mother. Time to build management skills. Those seeking Government approvals may be blessed.

Sagittarius – Creative Hat!

Interaction with new people and friends may be coming up. Creative energy is on hike. Lot of focus may go on children. Adjustments may be required with spouse.

Capricorn – Balance Needed!

Action at work. Concentration on business. Fruits of efforts will be paid off in 2nd half of month. Work and home front must be balanced. May be attracted towards travel, foreign trade. Secrets may come to light.

Aquarius – Positive!

Luck is in favor. Time to think and plan big things. Learn new things. People may value your opinion and ask for advises. Excellent time to liaison with foreign. Good events ad get together coming up.

Pisces – Transformation Begins!

Great time for researchers and occultists. Going internally and changing self. Work environment may change too. Important to maintain good relations at work. Medical help coming your way in terms of health.

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