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7.5 Kgs Ovarian Tumor successfully removed from 43-year-Old Lady at Fortis Hospital




Bengaluru, 1 December 2021: An ovarian tumor weighing around seven and a half kilograms was successfully removed from the abdomen of a 43-year-old woman at Fortis Hospital, Bannerghatta Road. The team of doctors who conducted the surgery was led by Dr Manisha Singh, Senior Consultant – Gynaecology & Sub Specialist – Reproductive Medicine, Fortis Hospital, Bannerghatta Road, Bangalore.


The lady was diagnosed with the non-malignant tumor on a routine health check-up on her visit to Fortis Bannerghatta Road. The 43-year-old lady was experiencing continuous weight gain and her stomach size had visibly increased in the past six Months. Upon diagnosis, she was suggested to undergo ultrasound. Post investigation, reports revealed a cyst in her belly measuring 28 x25x20 cms.  Doctors advised immediate surgical removal of the size owing to its weight and the threat it posed to the patients’ health.

Dr Manisha Singh- Senior Consultant- Gynaecology & Sub Specialist- Reproductive Medicine, Fortis Hospital, Bannerghatta Road, Bangalore, “The patient had come for a routine gynaecology check-up as she appeared to be gaining weight around her tummy. She was asymptomatic otherwise. During her pelvic scan, we were surprised to see a huge cyst in her tummy which was 28 x25x20 cms size mass. In view of which, we had requested for a CT Scan of her abdomen, the scan showed a cyst weighing 7.5kg. An extensive major surgery was required to remove the tumor, we decided to go ahead with laparotomy which was straightforward and uncomplicated. The procedure went on well and the patient was discharged in 4days. If left unattended and undiagnosed, the cyst could have progressed to cancer.

It is important for all women to engage in preventive health check-ups and get themselves scanned for any underlying health condition.”


Preventive Health Check-up helps in detection of potentially life-threatening health conditions or diseases at an early stage which reduces the risk of undergoing surgeries and other chronic medical conditions. By identifying the disease at an early stage, there is increased chances for treatment and cure. Regular check-ups help doctors in the diagnosis of disease early, which makes the treatment more effective.

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