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Architects pledge to use 25 percent of local artisan products on last day of DesignUru 3.0…


Bengaluru, Dec 24, 2021: Around 200 architects and members of IIID took a pledge to use 25% of materials made by local artisans, on the last day of the 8-day design fest, DesignUru 3.0.

“We have jointly taken this pledge to save the artisans of India. Many handicrafts are slowly dying since there are no buyers due to a lack of awareness and push. We as designers feel it is our moral responsibility to revive the dying arts by making sure we contribute towards them by incorporating them in our interiors,” said Kavita Sastry, Chairperson IIID BRC.

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A young architect Vijithendra Thejaswi, a student of RV College of Architecture, talked about Bees and City Spaces. A curiosity towards beekeeping during the 2020 lockdown pushed him to spend a year as an apprentice under a beekeeper and to earn a certification in beekeeping from IGNOU. This year-long journey into the world of bees has left him with a heightened sense of curiosity towards understanding rural and urban ecologies. Thejaswi spoke about the bees in this ecosystem and their plight when a concrete jungle takes over a green jungle. He explained how a sustainable approach to design prevents their displacement, a kind of sustainable architecture that will make this approach possible.

Organised by IIID BRC from Dec 15 to Dec 22 at Rangoli Centre, MG Road, the DesignUru 3.0 was packed with interactive workshops, film screening, artist performance, memory mapping, and interactive installations. Each day was being curated by a renowned Architect firm or an Institute.


Interior Design Students from Vogue Institute of Art and Design Shrikant and Celena said, “As students, it was good exposure to the current requirement of the market. The appliances and fixtures are made aesthetically pleasing to match the interiors of the house. The workshop provided us with an insight into the design concepts and the thought behind every project. It was an inspiring experience.”

The key events were the Save the Artisan Campaign, where IIID BRC, in tune with the initiative launched by IIID at the all-India level, has taken up the cause of traditional artisans and their disappearing skill sets. Hence an urgent need was recognised to revive, preserve and take forward many of our traditional arts and crafts and save our artisans from perishing in the years to come.

Resonating with this, IIID BRC decided to launch the “Save the Artisan” campaign with the explicit purpose of identifying our dying arts and crafts and fast disappearing artisan clan.

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