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Read your New Year 2022 Horoscope…



Here are the astrogical prediction for New Year 2022 by Astrologer & Numerologist  Kritikka Mathurr


Aries – Be Prepared for Surprises!

Attention must be paid to health and wellbeing from June to Aug 2022. Invest in spreading peace and spirituality. Obstacles and hurdles will approach but your will and ambitions will be able to take over. April to 12 July will provide some relief. 


Taurus – Touching Heights with Hard work!

January will start off hard. Aspirations will need handwork resulting in growth. After May, times are slightly easy but daily work and attention to detail will require hard work. December will be tough again and this is an important time. Look out for transformation


Gemini – Escalate!

Comfort and happiness from April can be expected. It is a year of Learning and ambitions. In case of Gemini moon there is an unsettled energy.


Cancer – Be Persistent!

Incase into Occult or banking field time is supporting until April 2022. In case of Moon sign Cancer, there may be unsettled energy in May – June 2022. Progress and ambitions are seen but with a lot of efforts. Not Easy.


Leo – Time to change!

Work – life balance is the key. Avoid falling prey to bad advises. In case into banking, occult or fighting for inheritance, it’s a feasible time. Change in philosophy is expected. Be ready to travel


Virgo – Take care!

Attention must be paid in July- Aug 2022with regards to finances. May- June 2022 may prove to bring sudden ups and downs in matters related to finances and health. Advised to structure and discipline daily routine

Libra – Not Easy!

Property issues are settling. Beginning Jan 2022 marks disturbance in speech, family and values. Peace and satisfaction at work may be expected. May – Aug is an alert on relationships. Ambition and obstacles may be faced in bringing career change. 

Scorpio – Competitive!

Confused about a decision. Battling with self. Year to plan progeny and align ambitions. Lots of efforts in daily routine and initiatives to be put. New beginnings to learn and to fight enemies

Sagittarius – On the go!

2022 starts with blessings and support from others. New learnings and skill advancement on cards. June – Aug 2022 to be alert on health, kids and mental peace


Capricorn – Be Patient!

Artha trine will be activated by April 2022. Power, position and finances will get better. 2nd quarter may lead to financial crunches. May – Aug 2022 to be alert on health. Advised to be open to suggestions


Aquarius – Positive!

Looks a positive 2022. Work – Life balance have to be maintained. A never say die attitude will be present throughout the year. Some giving up and changes to be done


Pisces – Blessed !

Headstrong about own philosophy. Financial and personal issues in June – July may be expected. Think Big and stay focused

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