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Read your horoscope for the month of February 2022…



Aries – Go Slow!

Focus will be on making realistic goals and tangible result. Lack of patience and argumentative nature needs to be kept under check. May feel restraint. Sudden communication issues may come up. By end of month, work and luck will start to progress. Disturbance in peace of mind.


Taurus – Be ear to Advises!

Travel may not be fruitful. Take care of father’s health. May experience harshness from father and teachers.  Some tough situations will rise you up the glory. After 14th Feb, you may feel the support at work. Take control on your speech


Gemini – Take Care!

Disturbance in mind of native. After 15th Feb, things will be better. May face domestic issues this month. Don’t rush into relationships. Health to be kept under check.


Cancer – What you give is what you get!

Many of you, may be involved in litigation.  Heath and relationships are key aspects to be taken care of. Financially, things will pick up.  Relationships at work may be expected but don’t rush. Be careful on road. Take care on the tonality of voice


Leo – Mental Disturbance

May get into hasty relationships. Someone at work may borrow money. Learning will upscale career. Marriage may be on cards. May feel mentally drained due to family and children. You will feel stronger after 15th Feb. Physical exercise is recommended.


Virgo – Stay Strong!

Boss Advise may lead you into wealth trouble. Sudden financial requirement of family be need your attention. Transformations expected at work. Elder sibling may encounter problem which may disturb family. Subconsciously, you are not at ease. Relationships may break


Libra – Talk Easy!

You may get into an argument with father in law. Family is not agreeing to your desires. Chest area has to be kept under check. Argument with spouse expected. Blunt and hasty in speech. Career changes can be seen.


Scorpio – Think before your speak!

Expenses through spouse are expected. Speech as to be paid attention to. Argument with boss is on the cards. New initiatives can be taken after mid-month. Avoid Investments. No matter what happens, you will maintain your peace.


Sagittarius – Patience is the key!

Take care of body heat / Fever this month.  Savings may rise if you plan actions well and not be impatient. Listen to advises given.  Due to dominance of family on your finances, you may feel disturbed. Take care against injuries. Remedy to do a Blood donation will prove to be helpful. 


Capricorn – Sleep well!

Expenses on spouse’s health is expected which will happen due to travel.  Don’t take new decisions until mid Feb. Argument with boss and father may come up.  Health has to be kept under check as immunity may run low. Business expansion will incur expenses. Unable to sleep due to regrets. Meditate.


Aquarius – Too much in too little time!

Lack of sleep. Impatience and confusion based on ambition. Money going waste. Health of yourself, spouse and children needs to be under check. Positivity in mind. Career and gains look flourishing! New relationships may be budding. Remedy – Donation to cleaners at hospital 


Pisces – Mixed Bag!

Luck at work and happiness in mind. Frustration regarding ambitions. Unexpected gains can be expected.  Health needs to be kept under check.

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