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Vogue conducts unique workshop on Tanjore painting for apparel…

Bengaluru, 25th February, 2022: The Vogue Institute of Art and Design (VIAD) conducted a one- day workshop for students today at the institute’s premises. Tanjore Painting Expert Nagashree B N conducted the session. This unique workshop was organised to restore Tanjore painting and to train students with the latest art of Tanjore Painting on apparel.
This classical South Indian Painting style is characterized by its rich colors, glittering 22ct gold foil & precious stone/bead inlay work. The delicate gesso work gives 3D effects. . In earlier times, the paintings were created with natural pigments. Now it’s been replaced with chemical colors. Traditionally the paintings are done for wall art. Now it is being explored on fabric for apparel like blouse, sarees and kurtas.
Nagashree BN, Tanjore Painting Expert took the students through the traditional representation and technical live demonstration of the Tanjore style of painting on apparel like sarees, blouse, kurtas etc. The students were trained in contemporary Tanjore art which included learning to paint, use of vibrant colors, 3D liners & metallic paints to create an 3D extravagant depiction of Thanjavur inspired traditional art form.  The paintings created by students at the workshop were put on display at the Vogue Institute Gallery.
Talking about the unique workshop, Nishank Kariappa, General Manager, Vogue Institute of Art and Design said, “The students got a highly participatory exposure to Tanjore Painting on fabric for outfits for the first time. Tanjore painting originated from the town of Thanjavur (anglicized as Tanjore). The usage of rich vibrant colors, glittering gold foils, with gesso work explored their creative realms which can be infused and inspired with their designs on outfits like blouse, kurta or a saree.”
In today’s world, hobbyists are inspired by this unique traditional art form & have been painting them on the clothes they wear using fabric painting techniques. A classical art form has reached the common man in a different style. But the overall experience of the process is overwhelming. Over the years this particular art form has been transformed. In contemporary art world, these paintings are done on canvas, paper, MDF, home decor, fabrics, jewellery, accessories etc.
Chaithra Chander , HOD (Diploma branch), Vogue Institute of Art and Design said, “India is a country known for its beautiful tradition and culture. India has many art forms which are recognized globally. Tanjore is one such classical art form from southern India. It is a unique form of painting with vibrant colours and mythological stories, which was initially made on wooden planks, In recent days this art form has been adopted onto fabrics especially South Indian silk textiles.”
Tanjore Painting Expert, Nagashree BN apprised, “Tanjore Painting on fabric was a workshop uniquely designed for beginners to explore their artistic side. This one day workshop helped the students to create Tanjore inspired motif on fabric.”
Bhavikaa T Dhariwall , Student, Vogue Institute of Art and Design who participated in the workshop said, “I joined this workshop because it sounded very interesting. The Tanjore painting workshop was very helpful as we understood the intricacies of this traditional form of Indian art which will allow us to use these in our future designs. I am extremely thankful to our teachers for having organized this for us to be able to widen our horizons and help us learn some old forms of art which is not very common these days.”

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