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Read your March 2022 Horoscope…


By Krithikka Mathurr Astrologer,Numerologist & Vastu Consultant


Aries – Balance it out!

Time to take actions. Anxiety over relationships can be expected. New projects and tasks will be provided with deadline at work. Break ups in love relationships may happen due to miscommunication. 2nd half of month needs to be a check on diet and headaches. 

Taurus – Be ear to Advises!

May have disturbed sleep. Seek Spiritual knowledge. Important work decisions will be made and new job can be applied for too. Financially a great month, may invest in vehicle or land purchase. 

Gemini – Wealth Box!

Finally some luck by your side, provided efforts are being put. Momentum of the thing which were stopped will now pick up again. Great month materialistically. Minor complications with relationships. 1st half of the month will invite gains from speculation.


Cancer – Lots on plate!

Health of mother needs to be kept under check. Good time to plan investments. This is was a money – making machine now is the time to balance other aspects. Avoid being exertive in relationships, compromises need to be made. May run into new relationships, however sensitivity is appreciated.

Leo – Think before you Speak!

1st half is better than the 2nd in terms of confidence. Finish the jobs assigned prior 15th March. Avoid confrontations at work. Health regimes will be started. 2nd half of month invite complications with father. Soorya Namaskar is a good remedy for you this month. 

Virgo – Break the monotony!

Mental stress and disappointment is anticipated between 6 to 24th out of which 15 to 24th will be better days. Health has to be kept under check against fever, digestive issues. Relationships will get momentum provided you don’t exert dominance. 

Libra – Full of creativity and love!

Change of house, property and vehicle can be seen. Things are taking shape in terms of mental stability. Fitness regime is advised. Good time for investments between 6 to 24th March. Aggressive energy within family members. Creative side is out in the 1st week. Good time to propose your love.

Scorpio – Word choices!  

Lack of sleep may affect daily activities. Courage, power and energy is seen. Drifting apart form own people. Scope of investments, online shopping, and change of place is expected. Increase in finances. Recite Hanuman Chalisa.

Sagittarius – Ambition!

Take care of dental and eye area. Investments to be made in 1st week. Change of job can be expected. Change of place and travel may happen. Aggressiveness towards ambition. If you have online business, you will be benefited. Chants of Vishnu Sahastranam is advised. 

Capricorn – Suddenly things are in shape!

Time to take call. Lack of patience is seen. A very action oriented month. Anything needs to be done has to be done now. Creative bent of mind is seen. Appreciation and accolades are expected at work. Health has to be kept under check after 20th March. New vehicle and house can be bought without hassle. Keep black gram near bed overnight and donate the next day.

Aquarius – Sigh of relief!

Not getting the success that you anticipated. Secluded and spending alone time. Expenses are flowing as water. From 6th to 24th is good for finances and investments. Decide on financials, they look better than past many months. Take initiative to sort out problems in relationships rather than breaking them off. Budding affairs on the cards. Feet pains are expected.

Pisces – Spiritual Growth!

Positive month to grow spiritually, understanding people more. Headaches can be seen. Travels may be there but plan them well. Connection with influential people. New job can be tried for. Finances will increase exponentially. Refrain from taking decisions after 15th regarding relations and finances. 

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