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Rajyalakshmi Heritage Banaras Sarees in Jayanagar, Bengaluru.



Bengaluru: As a six-year-old girl, Rajyalakshmi Gubba set her sights on the most eye-catching saree of all time – a rich Banaras silk saree from the family treasure – and that drape has now become the centerpiece in her entrepreneurial venture. Her passion for ‘heritage Banaras sarees’ is etched in each fold of the saree.

Now, Rajyalakshmi Gubba has launched an exclusive line of ‘Rajyalakshmi Heritage Banaras Sarees’ at an intimate event in Jayanagar III Block, south Bengaluru.

A super-perfectionist, Rajyalakshmi has visited Banaras countless times in search of most authentic Banarasi silk sarees. She sifts through hundreds of designs, meticulously follows patterns, the warp and the weft and looks for a saree that breathes the spirit of Banaras with heritage imprinted on it. Her collection reflects a wide array in weaves, colours and textures and caters to the tastes of contemporary Indian women.

Born to a business family, Rajyalakshmi’s close business ally is her entrepreneurial spirit. A product of marquee Indian School of Business, she was one of the only two students selected from India for an elite 5S corporate management course in Osaka, Japan. This brought her closer to creating and managing systematic workplaces. She was nominated for Indiamart Leaders of Tomorrow, Women Entrepreneur Award. She was chosen to be part of the prestigious Goldman Sachs Women Entrepreneur Program at Indian School of Business in 2013.

Rajyalakshmi was a director closely associated with corporate communication at Gubba Cold Storage for nine years — a stint that handsomely equipped with experience to go solo on her saree dream. That birthed ‘Rajyalakshmi Heritage Banaras Sarees’. She was felicitated by Telangana’s KT Rama Rao for her contribution to handlooms at Telangana Handloom Show in 2021.

She has seen thousands of silk sarees, but the standout saree is the one her mom showed her from a family trunk: Her mom gently unfolded a muslin cloth to reveal a gorgeous beautiful silk saree that belonged to her mother. “It makes me nostalgic each time I wear it. And I know I’m draping a part of a heritage,” Rajyalakshmi says, setting off to turn her brand into a nationally acclaimed one. Also, she wants to encourage women entrepreneurs to experiment more and create their own brand.

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