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IIM Udaipur Inaugurates the Biggest Batch of Students for its Flagship Two-Year MBA Program…


Udaipur: The Indian Institute of Management, Udaipur, hosted the inaugural ceremony of the 2022-24 batch of its flagship Two-Year MBA program, the biggest with 345 students. The event was presided over by, Prof. Janat Shah, Director IIM Udaipur. Gulbahar Taurani, MD & CEO, Philips Appliances Indian Subcontinent was the Chief Guest. Taurani is a distinguished industry veteran and has held different leadership roles as Business Head, Marketing Director, and Vice President in his enriched career. He is a strong believer in a people-first approach and shared his experiential journey with students.


Taurani said, “Life is a motion of giving and taking. Choose carefully. We often make mistakes by externalizing our failures, rather than internalizing them, which may help us evolve in the way we want to be. Never take the IIM tag for granted. It’s a new beginning, a new chapter of your life, make the most out of it. Use these years to learn. Theory is extremely important for a basic foundation. Never take adversities or challenges as problems rather leverage these as opportunities to embrace your growth.”


He ended his conversation with three nuggets:

Develop a habit of respecting people irrespective of their status and you will become a natural networker.

Cherish the years here at IIMU as these years will not come back, make friends and memories

Have an open mind to learning and unlearning (adjust and adapt notion approach)

The welcome address was delivered by Prof. Janat Shah, Director IIM Udaipur, where he congratulated all the students and welcomed them for a transformational journey at the premier management institute.


Prof. Shah said, “You have been dreaming about this for a long time. Your hard work and efforts have made you attain a seat in one of the prestigious management institutes in the country. You are the future of the country and we have huge expectations from you. I firmly believe in the fact that every batch has to be better than the previous batch, and you all are. IIMU is a student-run institute. Students here undergo a transformational journey and discover their unique selves. You all are an individual with a unique identity and you have got the opportunity to reinvent yourself by learning managerial skills and using them in the best possible manner. You will make mistakes in the process and we are there to support you. Define your journey with IIMU and help us attain our vision 2030 of high-quality research and student transformation.”


The ceremony also saw the distribution of scholastic awards to the best performing students in their respective terms for the first year students of the MBA Program of 2021-23 (who have now gone to the Final Year). The names are as follows:


Term I

Sec. A – Maharshi Savdhariya

Sec. B – Devanshu Manoj

Sec. C – Ankit Fokhale

Sec. D – Jay Yogesh Mistri

Sec. E – Chaitanya Pansare


Term II

Sec. A – Gaurav Mittal

Sec. B – Amarjeet Singh

Sec. C – Ankit Fokhale

Sec. D – Harshit Bhupathiraju

Sec. E – Chaitanya Pansare


Term III

Sec. A – Shantanu Sharma

Sec. B – Amarjeet Singh

Sec. C – Ankit Fokhale

Sec. D – Harshit Bhupathiraju

Sec. E – Chaitanya Pansare


Also, the Director’s Awards were awarded to Chaitanya Pansare, Shantanu Sharma, Devanshu Manoj, Gaurav Mittal, Amarjeet Singh, Ankit Fokhale, Sagar Yadav, Abhishek Naag, Yash Rajesh, Harshit Bhupathiraju, Pramod Kumar, Harshal Patil, Navdeep Goyal, Jay Yogesh, Kiran Mehta, and Yashvi Nahar.


The ceremony proceedings were done by Prof Prakash Satyavageeswaran, Chairperson Two-year MBA Program and vote of thanks was given by Prof. Amish Dugar.


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