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Round Table and Ladies Circle India supports H.E.A.L.(Healthcare Enhancement for Active Living) Project by donating medical equipment at Community Health Center, Kaggalipura …


Bengaluru: Bangalore Round Table 7 & Bangalore Ladies Circle 19 with support from 41’er India Club and Tangent India inaugurated the new H.E.A.L (Healthcare Enhancement for Active Living) block, the ongoing National Project whose primary aim is to provide physical infrastructure to hospitals. 


This H.E.A.L project would benefit 35,000 local people every year in the nearby areas of Kaggalipura.


The medical equipment donated includes OT(BPL Biphasic Defibrillator with recorder, BMW , waste trolley with 3bin ss , Duel thermometer Digital, water Softener), Dental Department(wood pecker scalar, Endo Motor , Apex Locator ) Labour Room(Labour cots, LSCS set, Suction machine and Vacuum for assisted delivery) PNC Ward(KMC Cot, Colour coded lines with pillow cover) Paediatric ward(side rails cot) Post OP ward(Back rest, linen trolley, wheel chair, BMW Bins per set of 3nos and Painting) to Community Health Center, Kaggalipura. 


The new H.E.A.L. block was inaugurated by Bangalore Round Table 7 Chairman Tr.Parashuram, Bangalore Ladies Circle 19 Chairperson Cr.Tulsi, Area 6 Chairman Tr.Sandesh, 41’er India President Pankaj Singh, Tangent 10 Secretary Renuka Sundaramoorthy, Administrative Medical Officer of Community Health Center Kaggalipura Dr.Radha and Deputy Chief Medical Officer in the Department of Health and Family Welfare, Karnataka Government Dr.Raghunath.


Dr.Radha and Dr.Raghunath thanked Round Table India, Ladies Circle India, 41’er India and Tangent India for coming forward and donating medical equipment worth 10 lakhs benefitting close to 35,000 population and expressed interest in long term association. 


41’er India President Pankaj Singh stated that he found it appropriate to associate with Bangalore Round Table 7 & Ladies Circle 19 in assisting to make the Govt. CHC at Kaggalipura a better place by donating equipments for the labour room. And also stated that 41’er India found this CDC an ideal recipient, due the high number of patients in the OPD, it’s hygienic upkeep & the commitment of the doctors. 


Area 6 Chairman Tr.Sandesh stressed on the importance of Project H.E.A.L. which entails movable or permanent infrastructure, interventions such as Building Augmentation/Repairs, creation of Special Wards, toilets, donation of medical equipment like Ventilators, COVID Vaccine Refrigerators, Oxygen Line Systems, Oxygen Concentrators, Ambulances, Hospital Beds, etc.. 


Tr.Parashuram and Cr.Tulsi thanked Dr.Radha and Dr.Raghunath for giving Round Table and Ladies Circle an opportunity to contribute towards this very noble cause, and thanked 41’er India President Pankaj Singh and Tangent 10 Secretary Renuka Sundaramoorthy for coming forward to support the project with gracious donation.


Round Table India is also involved in building Class Rooms, Toilets and providing other amenities like Drinking water facility, Library, Science lab, Playgrounds, etc to schools across the country that are catering to children from lesser privileged sections of the society.

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