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Jendamark unveils revolutionary education solution system named “Odin Education”…



Pune: Jendamark India has revealed technologically enhanced, learning platform called “ODIN Education” recently. Furthermore, Mrs West India 2022, Shweta Anirudh brand ambassador of ODIN education, officially launched the revolutionary edtech solution by lighting of lamp and upholstering a curtain on the logo. Honourable Mr. Sachin Patil – Police Inspector & Mr. Navsare – API from Nasarapur were present at the occasion

After formal introduction of the guests, Jendamark India CEO & MD Mr. Himanshu Jadhav formally welcomed all the dignitaries present on the dais and Employees of Jendamark India family. Himanshu described tech developed for manufacturing sector under the pioneering of Jendamark, was the base in which Odin Education was developed. The objective of Odin Education is to bring the under privileged children from small towns and villages on an equal standing with students from big cities. “As India aspires to be a developed nation, we cannot have knowledge limited to cities only. Odin education makes unlimited knowledge backed by our Tech platform accessible to all” notes Mr. Himanshu Jadhav.

Odin’s foremost motive is to embolden and propagate worldly knowledge to the underprivileged children in regions and hamlets disassociated and isolated to the booming and glorious connectivity of the cities and towns. Such villages and unconnected areas consist of over 70% of the Indian population and the potential of such a fore mentioned children is limitless.

With enough resources and provisions provided by Odin education solutions and their partnered NGO’s, underprivilege, as a word may cease to exist in the coming years. All content provided by Odin is morally and socially acceptable and child friendly; unadulterated and free of the malignance, so portrayed by our world of internet today. Deemed fit as a technologically sound system, Odin has proved efficaciously, as an efficient e-learning platform, through pilot researches done in 1 village for over 6 months.

Odin solutions uses an AI much like the heavily applauded ‘algorithm’ used on various social media websites and YouTube. This Algorithm directs students to their areas of interests by providing weblinks and content via the internet that are both age and standard appropriate. Odin is extremely unique in the way that tablets are given to children with the software pre-downloaded; the time spent by each child is mentioned and noted, this helps in identifying the area of interest moreover Odin is suited and facilitated to the respective board under which a student is undergoing education; SSC, CBSE, ICSE, etc, all boards are omnipotent and an integral part of Odin. All information provided is syllabus compliant and necessary steps are taken to simulate the passion of students in researching their topics, with limitless depth. This also indirectly works as a psychometric test which encapsulates the aptitude and guides children’s needs. Parents and teachers will be duly informed about their ward’s abilities in specific subjects, and future career paths that they may pursue. Students can also ask queries and more information which the highly qualified Jendamark team at back end will provide.

Mr. Nishikant Jangam who is responsible for promoting Odin Education in India explained the details of how Odin Education works and empowers individual users. Jendamark’s supplier partners were felicitated by Mr. Himanshu and team, as they handed over commitment letters to donate their CSR fund for distribution of tablets. Mrs Sayali Mahajan head of Marketing briefed ODIN Education’s business model explained types of sponsorship models and benefits to sponsors. She also announced formation of NGO called “Omang Trust” which will collect donations and issue 12A & 80G certificates to clients.

Police Inspector Mr Sachin Patil appreciated efforts put in by Jendamark to develop this platform for underprivileged children while Mrs WestIndia Shweta Anirudh highlighted how this platform has helped students from remote areas to learn new things which without Odin Education was not possible.

In the end, Mr Himanshu Jadhav offered a vote of thanks to all dignitaries. He thanked all the invited guests and employees for gracing the occasion by their solemn presence.

Today approximately 50% of our country owns smartphones, and therefore a bound access to the internet, back in 2007, less than 5% had this fortuitous technology; and estimations show, that by 2030 the numbers will have exceeded to over 100 crore that actively use the internet, thus Odin and Jendamark with an undying flame of graciousness over the underprivileged want to head the stalwart, yet a herculean task of overcoming uneducated minds, and moulding them as bright netizens of India, and in attachment our Earth. May this noble cause be ever successful.

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