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Our focus in 2022-23 is to help companies hire smarter, onboard faster: Amit Singh…


‘Technology in background verification checks has empowered employers to hire the best talent smartly and at the same time, protect organisational culture and reputation. With technological advancements, companies have been able to automate a lot of manual processes. Our focus in 2022-23 is to help companies hire smarter and onboard faster.’

Mr Amit Singh, Senior Vice President & Head- Commercial at First Advantage India spoke about this and more in an EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW with India One. First Advantage Corporation (NASDAQ: FA) is a leading global provider of technology solutions for screening, verifications, safety, and compliance related to human capital.

India One: Please share about the services your company offers? 

Amit Singh: From small businesses to global organizations, spanning a wide range of industries, our suite of background verification services includes pre-employment check, education records, employment history, address verification, criminal searches and much more which enables our customers to hire smarter and onboard faster with advanced product and technology roadmaps.

India One: What sectors do you work with? Who are your major clientele in India?

 Amit Singh: We are catering to all verticals with focus on IT/ITES, Consulting, Banking and Financial Services, Pharma and Healthcare, Manufacturing and GIG etc.

India One: What is the importance of technology in employee background checks?

Amit Singh: Technology in background verification checks has empowered employers to hire the best talent smartly and at the same time, protect organisational culture and reputation.

In background verification industry it relates to shedding redundant methods of screening and developing new and easy ways to produce faster and reliable results.

India One: Tell us in detail about various technologies you have been leveraging to offer better solutions to consumers/ clients? 

Amit Singh: With technological advancements in Digitization & RPA, companies have been able to automate a lot of manual processes. Here are some Effective tools which helps in speeding up the candidate screening process.

Digital Onboarding: This service assures efficient online onboarding of the candidate, removes the hassle of paperwork, and further eliminates the need of the candidate’s physical presence.

Digital Address: Using digital methodology, thus enabling a fast, reliable validation. An automated solution which uses advanced GPS technology to match the geographic coordinates of the address provided by the candidate.

E-Court: This automated solution provides instant and accurate information of the candidate’s criminal background via the e-court database, by identifying any court cases against the candidate.

Employment validation via UAN: For this process we use the UAN, validation of candidate’s association with the employer and the dates of enrolment using the EPFO portal for records.

India One: Kindly talk about various awards, achievements, recognitions, and clients’ feedback that you have received in India.

Amit Singh: At First Advantage, we are committed to our client’s success. An important part of the employment screening program involves compliance with applicable laws and regulations

First Advantage has a wide array of screening solutions accredited and recognized by trade associations such as the Professional Background Screening Association, and the company has received a number of awards of distinction globally.

India One: What have been the lessons learnt from the pandemic? How have you tweaked your business strategy?

Amit Singh: We had already embarked on a digital transformation with integrated technology in our day-to-day tools. With our digital initiatives driven by modern technology and alternate screening solutions, our processes transformed to adapt with the changing environmental and economic conditions.

First Advantage goal is to bring market innovative technologies, implement modern architectures, and produce leading API frameworks — all while driving high customer satisfaction and creating a positive applicant experience. The coming years will be distinguished by shifting cultural norms in which firms have evolved to operate smoothly regardless of location.

India One: What are the plans on the anvil for India in 2022-23?

Amit Singh: Quality products and business processes are used by First Advantage to service our clients. We provide extremely responsive client service with the help of flexible technology and compliance, allowing for faster decisions and significantly improved insights.

We have moved our focus to product-centred innovation to provide seamless applicant onboarding experience, reduce delivery cycle times, and improve quality performance to help companies hire smarter and onboard faster.


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