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Cybernetik announces Global Partnership Program to collaborate with companies across the globe in robotics and process automation…


Pune: Industrial automation firm Cybernetik has launched a Global Partnership Program to collaborate with organizations across geographies on projects involving robotics and process automation. For example, a company can collaborate with Cybernetik to avail its services in an area that is beyond the former’s scope of services or remains in the developmental stages.

With its experience of more than three decades, Cybernetik has been working on projects across the world and has partners in India, United States, Australia and Southeast Asia and is currently working on augmenting its network in the African market.

Speaking of the program, Mahesh Wagle, Co-founder and Director of Cybernetik, said, “The Global Partnership Program’s underlying idea is rather straightforward and comparable to a business creating a distribution network to meet an extra need for a project they are working on. This program’s emphasis on collaboration will lead to the consolidation of the best services into a single project. Having been in the industry for more than three decades, we offer automation and robotics solutions to address complex industrial challenges for a global clientele. We intend to share our domain expertise with international partners through the program.”

Cybernetik has worked on major projects with international organizations such as Hersheys, Mondelez, HF Fuller, Dinex, BASF, Clariant Chemicals, and many more.



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