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The Kalyani School signed off 2022 in style, with their Finale event of the year, Mad About the Arts



The Kalyani School signed off 2022 in style, with their Finale event of the year, Mad About series recently. The Mad About series is one of the signature events of TKS; being undoubtedly, the grandest of them all, it is much awaited by the Kalyaniites.

A great amount of hard work and dedication goes behind the final presentation. For every event of the Mad About series, the entire staff and student body, along with the parents, start working on the preparation from the beginning of the academic year. Each Section of every Grade works with the topic allotted to them, under the guidance of their mentors. Through numerous activities, they research, explore, debate and enact, to delve into the subject wide and deep; and enjoy their learning to the fullest. Though the Board going classes are not directly involved in the event, they still volunteer to help in any way that they can. The level of camaraderie and integration that goes into the making of this event, is nothing less than overwhelming.


The Kalyaniites start planning for the Mad About event from the very first month of each academic year. This year they had decided to explore the various aspects of Art – both creative and performing, because after the rigours of the past two years, they wanted to worship that aspect of life, which is permanent and ever-green. The celebration began humbly with Mad About Science, in 2015, with a handful of teachers and students. But, even then, there was no dearth of enthusiasm and learning. The concept was new, and the Kalyaniites gave it their stamp and signature. The huge appreciation that they have got ever since, has given them the impetus to grow and flare. Till date, their progress has been unimpeded and phenomenal.

The day of the event saw the school in all its splendour. Every corner of TKS, and every student and teacher, looked resplendent and full of verve. Right from the Elementary classes to the senior – most ones, the students and teachers had decorated their respective classes and clusters with all their artistic creations. The themes were wide and varied – some of these were World Cinema, Architecture, Puppetry, and Street Art to name a few. The visitors, comprising dignitaries, guests and parents had an enriching experience visiting the stalls; playing entertaining games designed by the students; talking to them about their projects and also savouring the toothsome dishes. The students had also set up sale counters of bakery items and handicrafts. The proceeds from each counter, like every year, will be spent for charitable purposes.

Mad About the Arts, like every other event of TKS, was a resounding success. While bringing the curtain down for this year, The Kalyani School has already started planning for next year’s theme, Mad About India, which given their zeal and skills, will definitely be something to look forward to.

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