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How Arvind Singh helped migrant workers from Karnataka reach home in Bihar…


At a time when the world is still coping with the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic, several samaritans are exuding positivity through their endeavours. Several NGOs, government agencies, social activists as well as entrepreneurs are working relentlessly to unite for various social initiatives and reach out to the underprivileged and do their bit to spread hope and goodness. One such person who has emerged as a ray of hope for many through his selfless service is Mr. Arvind Kumar Singh from Goriakothi, Siwan in Bihar. The plight of migrant workers of Bihar returning from different states during the lockdown disturbed him immensely as they were hit the hardest by the lockdown restrictions. He actively started working with local people in Karnataka to provide food, lodging and transportation facilities to around 100 returning migrant workers of Bihar, especially of his district from various parts of Karnataka.

As we are aware that testing times brings the best out of few who rise to the occasion and take the mettle in their own hands. Under the initiative, Mr. Arvind Kumar Singh and his team collected the data of workers from Bihar who were stuck in Karnataka and helped them get tickets and board trains along with the arrangement of food & medical facilities. Although train services have restarted and the economy has reopened substantially, the movement of migrant labourers still continues. Mr. Singh has so far facilitated the return of around 5000 migrant workers belonging to various districts of Bihar to reach to their villages and home towns from many states by arranging for transport in buses, truck or trains.

On the initiative undertaken in Karnataka, Mr. Arvind Kumar Singh said,”We used to get several calls a day from workers who wanted to return to Bihar and requested to make the necessary arrangements. I’m so grateful to the local team in Karnataka and everyone who worked on the ground. There are many stories of success that we had working as a team which reaffirm my faith in our society.”

Not deterred by the spread of corona infection, as the monsoon lashed parts of India, seasonal floods that play havoc in parts of Bihar state further tested the resolve of Arvind Singh. Not perturbed by his safety and health, he, along with his fellow citizens, actively got engaged in flood relief and rehabilitation. He had quickly set up many tents & community kitchen to supply food to the needy. He also arranged for boats to provide them safe shelter from the flood affected areas.

Arvind Singh is also contributing immensely to the public welfare programs in his district in Bihar. He actively participated and even spearheaded a range of general welfare activities such as organizing health check-up camps, tree plantation drives, sanitation work, facilitating education programs amongst others. He also understands the importance of environment conservation and has dedicated his efforts to create consciousness among the masses. His selfless service and consistent effort to bring positive change in the community won him appreciation by numerous organizations across the country.

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