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Now, shop anything with India’s first online ‘udhaar ki dukaan’


CreditKart Fin-Com which will go live from August 28, plans to penetrate into tier 2,3,4 and 5 cities. The online shopping platform will enable shoppers to “Buy now, pay later” at no rate of interest, no down payment, and no processing fees.

Fin-com is the perfect blend of e-commerce and finance and is another step towards financial inclusion for India. It blends speed with comfort to make an easy-to-access smooth online shopping experience. There is a need for a shopping platform that provides a direct credit line in order to reduce/ minimize the lengthy procedures and dependence on other financial institutions. It is important to note that because of these inconveniencies along with high interests and down payment costs way more than the original price of the product, shopping on EMI is quite a stressful experience. The unbanked individuals from tier 2, 3, 4, and 5 cities aren’t even catered to by the big players, leaving behind a high demand for affordable online shopping.

To cater to this need, Pune-based Mudrakwik Fintech is launching CreditKart Fin-Com, a shopping platform that brings Indian sellers and Indian buyers together to encourage and strengthen local trade. CreditKart is the first online shopping portal in India which assigns its users a direct credit line when they sign-up, enabling shoppers to “Buy now, pay later” at no rate of interest, no down payment, and no processing fees. This makes shopping on EMI a very easy-to-access experience, catering to everyone who owns a smartphone, no matter which part of the country they are from. CreditKart will redefine shopping on EMI and make it an easy and viable option to buy top quality affordable products across the country by providing them the purchasing power to the credit deprived people of India. The line of products to be available on the site are apparels, footwear, bags, accessories, home furnishings, appliances, and electronics.

CreditKart Fincom is the brainchild of Swapnil Madiyar, who is the Founder & Director of Mudrakwik Fintech based out at Pune. Mudrakwik is a lending fintech which operates at the same principle of bringing the lending platform to the underserved and credit- deprived people of India. With the help of a dynamic team which includes Ruchika Kaushal (SVP), Kiran Fatkar (VP), Mohan Dholu (VP- Engineering) and Trilok Yadav (VP- E-commerce), the whole project has been conceptualized and executed in-house end-to-end. The fin-com platform is launching on August 28, and will give away free shopping worth 50 Crores to their first 10 lakh registered users.

Talking about the new platform, Madiyar says, “To make the platform affordable, we intend to associate with the manufacturers directly so as to reduce the dependency on the middlemen and shorten the supply chain. This will not only lead to the direct supply of affordable products but also provide India’s first online ‘udhaar ki dukaan’. With less than 10% penetration in the Indian Markets by the big players, Tier 2, 3, 4, and 5 cities face the lack of accessibility and the disadvantages that come with it.”

The new platform will deliver products to over 26,000 pin codes of India, making it a first-of-its-kind such e-commerce platform.

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